perativeness that a woman’s voice deserves to be heard. The female adventurer’s voice is more represented than ever before, but let’s look at a few all time personal favorite influential outdoor adventure female authors and why their voice perhaps matters so much.


Audrey Sutherland. Audrey was a pioneer in solo adventuring and she gave women courage to go it alone. Her mantra; “go simple, go solo, go now” inspires women to not wait to go for it in the outdoors. She passed away in 2015 at the age of 94. One of her longest and most arduous expeditions (solo of course) was

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at the age of 60. Arduous because she was kayaking, alone in Alaskan grizzly-ridden lands, foraging for food (she loved to cook using local, natural edibles) and very cold, dangerous waters with high winds and strong currents. Audrey was a single moth- er who did not allow her fear or circumstances to keep her from experiencing the wanderlust that burned inside of her. She had been “overlooked” for many years but as my absolute favorite female adventurer and author, her voice deserves to be heard. Of her three books, Paddling North is my favorite.

Jennifer Pharr Davis. Jennifer is a North Carolina native and resident, and her book, Becoming Odyssa, really introduced me to the Appalachian Trail for the first time. Having heard about the famous trail is one thing but reading about how a young

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Strong Female Voices in the Outdoors

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