dently, without need for conscious input, coordinating with all the other systems in the body (nervous, respiratory, etc.). The same can be said of when the skin is cut and the subsequent organ system interaction that takes place during the average two weeks during which the wound heals. Another example would be, after head and neck alignment is restored, how quickly the compensations used to level the head when out of alignment with the upper neck release as the body structurally reorganizes back into balance.

Collectively, the time has come to rebuild supreme confi dence that the “doctor inside” knows what it is doing, to honor that intelligence and tap further into the ability for it to be expressed.

Children often do not appreciate their parents for what they provided until they have grown up. Kids, especially younger ones, do not typically think about food being on the table or the clothes available for them to wear or the roof over their heads. To them, those things are there because that is just how it is. It is one of the ways that trust is formed. Why does that dynamic largely disappear when the conversation shifts to health and the human body, which in similar fashion is given gifts far above and beyond human comprehension? A person can consciously choose to hold their breath until the point of losing conscious- ness, then the innate intelligence within the body immediately takes over and restarts breathing. The educated mind is a variable, easily infl uenced, and weakened by age or injury. Why trust the inherently limited at the expense of the borderline[ii] limitless that directs life as we know it down to the smallest detail?

Imagine instantly knowing without any training how to fi ght fi re when the crockpot shorting sends the kitchen curtains ablaze[iii] or how to correct a brainstem subluxation when the top bone in the neck gets locked in a position that adversely affects the most vital organ or how to write a best-selling novel as soon as an interesting idea strikes or how to reinfl ate a lung when it unex- pectedly collapses. Imagine that knowledge was pre-pro- grammed, there from the outset for whenever needed as if it was standard fare. Since that degree of intelligence – the “doctor inside” – is exactly the sort innate to the human body and all its infi nite standardized functions, now imagine a system built around a defi nition for health like this one: an optimized state in which the numerous organ systems in the body work harmo- niously together at a level conducive to sustaining an innate adaptability capable of preventing sickness and overcoming the causes of various symptoms. That would not only fi x the cracked foundation of healthcare, but potentially change the world.

[i] Reggie Gold, DC’s The Triune of Life [ii] To be further discussed in Part 3 [iii] I’m missing it too, This Is Us fans

Written by Chad McIntyre, DC of the Triad Upper Cervical Clinic, 432A West Mountain Street, Kernersville. For an appoint- ment, call 336-992-2536 or visit for more information. See ad on page 7.


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