What is the

"Doctor Inside" Each of Us?

part 2 T

hat the cells of the stomach lining will have been replaced by the time a reader concludes this article is not

something scientists can replicate, yet it exemplifies the presence of an inborn wisdom, always at work. In last month’s Part 1, an intelligent organization was detailed and labeled as the “doctor inside” often spoken of among those who genu- inely understand that the body heals itself. This is an important conversation to con- tinue because, frankly, American health- care has a philosophical problem, a flat earth kind of tendency to downplay or

even ignore the laws of life while viewing the theories of disease through tunnel vi- sion. No more than you can learn how to save money by studying how to spend it, you cannot learn how to be healthy by studying sickness. Understanding the “doctor inside” is among the keys to flip- ping the script on a broken “health” care system.

Further labeling is unnecessary, as wheth- er called God or a life force or simply an irrefutable observation of biological sci- ence, the intelligence inherent to every

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known natural law and to an infinite number of processes not yet identified or categorized is just an undefinable some- thing that is there. Pseudoscience, it most certainly is not, to simply recognize that the superlative + exceptional x infinity- level of innate wisdom found throughout nature is too complex for the human mind, which though capable of extraordinary things cannot reign in the infinite and make it finite. For example, in organ transplants, the innate intelligence within the body accepts and makes use of the donation once it is put in place. It is amaz- ing that organs can be surgically trans- planted, but a new body accepting an- other person’s part takes amazement to a different level. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

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It is a rather fascinating topic. The ability of living things to adapt is perhaps the most established fact in science, regardless of the debate destined to rage for all eternity as to how they adapt. Think of the scope of the adaptation seen in the human body and take a moment to fully appreciate something too often taken for granted. Atoms further organized into molecules, which are further organized into cells, which further still get organized into tis- sues that combine to form organs, which are organized into systems. It is a master- ful synergy, the interdependence of the components acting as a cohesive unit.[i]

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There is no need to sit in a corner, concen- trate with the all the brainpower one can muster at days end, and attempt to con- sciously seek and destroy the myriad for- eign invaders (viruses, chemicals, harmful bacteria, etc.) that the body encountered. The immune system operates indepen-

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