Energy Efficiency Residential Ventilation - A fresh approach to clean air

Vectaire Ltd is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of ventilation products and systems with nearly fifty years’ experience in the air movement industry. Its range of residential ventilation products developed by Vectaire Ltd is one of the most comprehensive available. The range of products, systems and services are specifically suited to the unique climatic and building requirements in the UK. They are manufactured using the latest technologies to ensure that correct ventilation rates are achieved, and they comply with all the latest building regulations for dwellings. They are designed to remove moisture, odours and pollutants whilst meeting all the latest requirements for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and economy. And, the comfort of the residents is vital - is it too damp, too dry, too hot, too cold, too draughty etc? Vectaire products combine well thought-out, efficient ventilation, low noise levels and running costs with excellent SFP ratings.

Mechanical ventilation is an absolute necessity for the 21st century home. We like to be warm, so we have central heating. We don’t like to waste money, so we make sure doors and windows are closed. We live in a climate which generally has relatively high levels of humidity and we add to the humidity level simply by moving around our homes. Of course, cooking, bathing and showering, using dishwashers and washing machines and by drying clothes over radiators (all of which, but particularly the last action) contribute to the fifteen litres of moisture the average family produces on a daily basis.

So, it is more than likely that damp and condensation will become a problem. And damp and condensation contribute to a whole host of detrimental effects; dank, musty smell; condensation on windows and walls; mould growth; and a general deterioration to the fabric of the building. Other consequences which are not obvious, and which may develop over time, are a rise in the incidence of house dust mites, poor indoor air quality which is a contributory factor in the rise of respiratory and allergy problems.

So, a well-thought out, professionally designed, efficient, quiet and economic ventilation system is vital. Vectaire products are aimed at eliminating these problems once and for all. They can be installed in all types of dwellings, and are designed to ensure that ventilation is always delivered at the optimum (and most economic and energy efficient rate) for the comfort of residents. A continuous mechanical extract system is the ideal way to ventilate. It provides low level extraction, maintains a constant tickle of fresh air, reduces dangerous pollutants and removes moisture and odours. Buildings can be ventilated with individual fans in each room (d-MEV), centralised systems (MEV) and centralised systems with heat recovery (MVHR). Several rooms can be continuously and simultaneously ventilated to provide new, filtered air. When the product incorporates a heat exchange unit the loss of expensive heat is restricted, ensuring efficiency and economy in combination with a low carbon footprint.

SINGLE ROOM EXTRACT FANS Vectaire’s single room, continuous running, extract fans provide continuous, low-level ventilation to any room in the house, but are particularly suited for use in toilets, bathrooms, en-suite bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms - anywhere where there is a likelihood of generating steam or odours. Depending on the fan chosen, they can be fitted into wall, ceiling or window; there is the option of a model with a centrifugal motor for those installations where a longer length of ducting is required.

SINGLE ROOM HEAT RECOVERY UNIT Vectaire’s single room heat recovery unit, HREC1003, is a versatile unit (available in three tube lengths; can be rotated into four positions; incorporates a summer bypass and frost-stat) and has the added advantage of saving both money and heat. It has a 75% heat exchange efficiency.

POSITIVE INPUT VENTILATION Vectaire’s two positive pressure fans work by pulling in air, filtering it to remove impurities, and pushing into the living areas via a single grille. This creates a ‘positive pressure’ in the house. The fresh air circulates throughout the dwelling giving draught-free ventilation and eventually dissipates through natural leakage.

WHOLE HOUSE VENTILATION Vectaire’s range includes WHHRs (whole house heat recovery units) designed for in-line or upright installation, and ranging from small in-line units designed for one/two roomed apartments (ie student accommodation, hotel rooms, extra car facilities etc), to units for areas of up to 230m2

, recovering up to 94% of

the heat, and with specific fan powers from 0.40w/I/sec. Models have several control options including summer bypass, frost-stats and integral humidstat. All have a variable choice of trickle speed and boost options, and can be easily commissioned via an integral or remote LCD unit. Thus, the commissioning engineer can easily adjust detailed unit functions including, for example, the trickle, purge and boost speeds for each motor, the length of the boost speed over-run time, the time delay before the boost speed kicks in, holiday mode and night-time boost inhibitor times. The user can see the speed at which the fan is operating, the relative humidity etc, and when the filters need replacing. The user can also set the unit to holiday mode for energy saving when the dwelling is not occupied.

Vectaire has three new models in their vertical whole house heat recovery range. To ensure a comfortable user experience, the Midi, Maxi and Maxi Plus are now available with advanced acoustic attenuation. They are lined with superior sound deadening materials for really low sound levels (the sound pressure levels are down to 14.4, 13.2 and 14.4dBA respectively). The efficiency and performance remain the same. All these ‘AT-BY’ models are complete with summer bypass and frost-stat, and commissioned via an integral LCD. Functions, including trickle, purge and boost speeds for each motor, boost speed over-run time, the time delay before the boost speed kicks in, holiday mode and night-time boost - all easily adjusted. Products are SAP PCDB Listed and manufactured in our own factory in the UK.

Finally, Vectaire offers a design service to ensure that the unit installed is the best possible to provide efficient, effective, low energy and low running cost ventilation. Vectaire can also organise installation, commissioning and maintenance of these products and can supply all necessary accessories.


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