Gaining added value from your roofing supply chain with CPDs

Bobby Singh from Sika discusses the importance of CPDs in ensuring specifiers maximise the performance and buildability benefits of its wide-ranging roofing portfolio



There are lots of elements that should form part of a successful supply chain relationship; product performance, customer service, reliability and technical support should all be part of the mix. A true supplier partnership needs to be based on much more than a transaction, with the supplier actively looking for ways in which to add value to the specifier. One of those added value activities is CPDs.

At Sika, we provide specifiers with a complete and joined-up offer for flat roofing, which includes the SikaBit range of Safe2Torch compliant bituminous membranes, the SikaBit ProMelt hot melt structural waterproofing system, the Sika Liquid Plastics range of cold-applied liquid membranes, and the Sika Sarnafil single ply systems. Combined with our service-driven approach and industry-leading technical support, this means we can offer specifiers a best- fit solution for any new build or refurbishment project. combining technologies in a single specification for different roof areas where required.

To help specifiers understand the technologies behind our roofing systems we’ve developed a wide range of CPDs, some of which are RIBA-approved. Our CPDs are not only designed to help specifiers develop their knowledge and make the right choices for their projects, but also to ensure that each specification leverages full performance benefits.

Our ‘Selecting Flat Roof Systems to Meet Modern Demands’ RIBA-approved CPD is designed to enable specifiers to navigate through the regulations and requirements that apply to flat roofing installations, to help them identify the best solution for their projects. It includes an outline of flat roof design options - including cold, warm, protected, green, solar and blue roofs - along with design considerations such as achieving falls, drainage and ponding, wind uplift, BRE certified details, CDM, Sustainability and BIM. This CPD also discusses the roofing technologies that can be used for flat roofs and outlines the importance of installation best practice, training and quality assurance.

Another important CPD in our portfolio is ‘Roofing Systems: Managing Risk for the Principal Designer’, which considers the health and safety and associated risks of certain elements, and advises on solutions for removing risk from the specification. This CPD helps specifiers to ensure that their projects meet current and predicted legislative requirements, including changes to CDM. It also provides guidance to help reduce the risk and consequences of litigation and deliver projects’ required performance and guarantee level.

Following the launch of our SikaBit bituminous membranes range in 2019, we have also developed a ‘Bituminous Flat Roofing Solutions’ CPD, which discusses design considerations for flat roofs, including both bituminous membrane coverings and hot melt systems. The RIBA-approved CPD includes a discussion of advanced bituminous membrane technologies and complete roof build-ups, including insulation, along with hot melt systems and inverted roof designs. It also outlines topical legislation, regulations and guidelines in the context of project design and specification, and provides installation and maintenance considerations, illustrated by case studies.

SIKA LTD TEL: 0800 112 3837

Our CPD outlining the Sika Pro-Tecta range of metal roof systems highlights the cut-edge corrosion treatment full waterproofing system within the range. This presentation provides a useful introduction to profiled metal roof refurbishment and guidance on selecting the right level of refurbishment.

To understand all of Sika’s Roofing solutions on offer, we are also able to provide an introductory online webinar to the Sika service and all of Sika’s roofing waterproofing systems.

All this useful content is part of Sika’s commitment to providing the technical expertise needed to ensure the performance, buildability and service life benefits of our roofing portfolio are fully-realised in the built environment. All CPDs and presentations are available online and can be booked through the Sika website.

(Our thanks to Bobby Singh, Sika, for this BKE article)


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