The technical performance of composite products including Touchstone Flooring

Charles Taylow, Sales Director at Composite Prime, discusses the technical performance of composite products including Touchstone Flooring.

When it comes to installing flooring on a project, it is important to ensure that it is suitable for the environment, Selecting a material for high traffic areas can be tricky, especially when they are prone to water exposure, high footfall and UV damage.

Composite Prime has released a revolutionary new indoor flooring material that is superior to traditional stone and wood flooring. Available in 16 finishes and with an acoustic underlay, it can be installed in a range of environments.

The first interiors product designed and developed by Composite Prime, Touchstone Flooring is a luxurious, waterproof flooring system which is fire, scratch and indent resistant, and has been manufactured with a textured 3D surface to deliver the aesthetics of solid or engineered wood flooring.

The new product can be safely installed and used in high traffic environments, including bathrooms and kitchens. As a Class 33 product with a Class B fire rating, Touchstone Flooring is suitable for heavy domestic and commercial use. The tiles also come with an integrated UV layer to protect from fading and discolouration.

Touchstone Flooring has a number of USPs, however its waterproof credentials enable it to be used in any room and won’t encourage mildew or ‘blow’ like traditional wood flooring alternatives such as laminates, making it the perfect choice.

Maintaining quality in look and usability is guaranteed as it is covered under a 25 year residential and 15 year commercial warranty.

Touchstone Flooring also enables a quick and smooth installation process through its patented, one piece, drop-lock installation system and the ability to score the surface and easily snap each tile to cut, therefore eliminating the need for specialist tools. It can be cut to size and laid over any material, uneven surfaces and gradients, removing the need to detach pre-existing flooring and speeding up the fitting process further.


Alongside Touchstone Flooring, Composite Prime is the UK’s leading brand of sustainable composite decking.

Composite decking is well known across the construction industry as a superior product due to the high durability, natural look and low maintenance. Composites are engineered to stay in fantastic condition for much longer than traditional decking products, without the need for life extending treatments such as sanding or oil. This guaranteed long lifespan makes it the perfect choice for a range of projects, whether it is heavy grade commercial such as an office or retail destination, or a residential garden.

Due to the plastic content, composites also don’t splinter or rot and are slip resistant.

The range includes five different products in a total of 16 colours, including HD Deck® Dual which offers a reversible two colour option so that a deck can be laid with contrasting colours to create a bespoke finish. The products are also developed to offer Class D to Class B fire ratings.

The HD Deck® range manufactured by Composite Prime is eco-friendly and easy to install. Made using recycled plastic and FSC® 100% certified oak wood flour, the products are sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly. Composite Prime has saved the equivalent of 50 million plastic milk bottles from landfill and 280 plastic bottles per square metre of decking are recycled.


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