New kid, Nuëcø, on the block!

Making the world of windows less of a pane! Simplifying main contractor facade procurement with a fully managed service...

Construction is a complex industry and working with sub-contractors often involves logistical issues that can be time consuming and costly. This is especially true within the architectural glazing and facade industry, where variables such as material type, regulation and planning restrictions, and restoration requirements add to the complexity of a project and can cause a headache for those involved with the design, planning and coordination.

It is rare to find a sub-contractor that will provide expert and genuine advice throughout the process whilst also maintaining the best interests of the architect or main contractor. This is where Nuëcø Group can make a difference!

Nuëcø are experts in the design, coordination, supply & installation of bespoke windows, glazing and heritage facades, specialising in aluminium, steel and timber. The company offers a fully coordinated design and installation service for bespoke and heritage windows, from pre-construction services, through to design and implementation on site.

Although the business was only recently established, Nuëcø was founded by a team of industry experts within contracting, design and manufacture with main contracting background, and their team’s combined experience in architectural glazing & heritage retained facades spans over several decades.

Their background in main contracting uniquely combines a knowledge of the entire process, from design, to coordination, supply, and installation, with an understanding of the needs of everyone involved; from architects to planning officers. This fully coordinated approach enables complete control over production, planning and delivery which guarantees quality, efficiency, and reliability across every unique project they work on.

The company partners with the best businesses and people in the industry making them the one-stop solution for all your facade and fenestration projects.

Nuëcø are one of the most accredited businesses on the market, with ConstructionLine Gold, Chas premier, Acclaim, BSI, ISO, FSC, Window and Cladding and Achilles!

NUECO GROUP TEL: 020 3745 7307

The company’s Managing Director Tom Gibbons, says, “Having worked in both fields, as a main contractor and sub-contractor, it was clear there was a real gap and requirement for an all-encompassing service when it came to windows.”

“Time and time again I see the stress that is put upon architects and main contractors when working on fenestration projects. It can be especially difficult when trying to meet the expectations of a client, who may demand complicated and unrealistic results. At Nuëcø we aim to remove this hassle and offer a real partnership from the very beginning. We work to understand all the requirements of the project, offer the best solution, and, once agreed, implement it. We take care of everything from design right through to installation. We’ve built the business out of the industry’s best people so we can offer the best possible service.”

Nuëcø have already worked on some prestigious jobs including: • • • •

Labs Babylon basement 16 Denmark Place Judd House

86 Fetter Lane • HMP Wymott

and have worked with some of the biggest main contractors including: • Knightbuild • • • • •

Thirdway Contracts PAYE Cord

Henry Boot Skanska

Nuëcø are also committed to sustainability, working to the highest FSC certification standards to ensure they only source timber for their windows from sustainable sources.

The company are also proud to be CSR Partners of the National Forest, donating annually to fund the planting of trees in the forest and to encourage sustainable growth for years to come.



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