Bounce back - Boost your pressence, look slick and win new customers!

With some experts predicting that it will take up to two years to restore economic prosperity, growth and productivity to levels enjoyed before Covid-19, the prospect of winning new business may seem like a daunting task.

Therefore, visibility of your brand has never been so important; building a strong online presence has now turned into a necessity with more businesses than ever turning to digital channels to communicate to their customers.

That’s why it’s a great time to spring clean your brand or push your services to the market - and SWW can help you every step of the way.

SWW Marketing is a marketing agency with a difference. With offices in Yorkshire and Hertfordshire, they specialise in providing marketing and business development support for the manufacturing and construction industries across the whole of the UK.

SWW works in partnership with all their clients not just as an agency, but as part of the team - offering a truly unique service. Their years of experience working within the construction and manufacturing industries means they bring a wealth of invaluable insight and experience to everything they do.

No matter what the current size of your business or your current marketing department, SWW can help you. Whether that’s testing your marketing campaigns, setting up marketing strategies from scratch, or stage-managing specific campaigns, their data-driven insight and cost-effective methods can help you orchestrate product launches, develop your social media presence or even re-launch your brand.

SWW has a practical approach to marketing which ensures maximum results with minimum hassle. The team require no hand-holding, but are still able to deliver the client’s exacting needs.

Construction is in the blood of company co-founder and director, Ollie Smith, who comes from a family that have run businesses in the industry for three generations.

Ollie says: “I grew up around construction - I was three when I was helping builders and I have the pictures to prove it! I am hugely passionate about the industry. I love nothing more than to tell the stories and share the skills of the people and businesses that we work with.

SWW MARKETING TEL: 01223 665050

“We know that companies in the past have been able to rely solely on word of mouth or a unique offering, but now more than ever with a new generation of tech savvy companies coming through, it is key to keep up and not get left behind.

“Our methods are simple and straight forward, and we really do come with a hassle-free approach. We can provide one-off pieces of marketing advice or manage your whole marketing offer on your behalf and work in partnership with you, like we do for many clients. We take care of all your marketing needs, so you don’t need to worry!”

SWW Marketing offer the following services, with their data-driven approach at the centre of their work:

• Digital Marketing: From social media management and PPC, to email marketing and automation, SWW can help you execute effective campaigns to drive brand engagement and attract new customers.

• Website Design & Management: Their website services range from initial planning and design, to content creation, SEO and ongoing website management.

• •

Business Development & Sales: SWW Marketing can help you identify and target potential markets. They can liaise with potential customers to set up meetings, build relationships and, most importantly, convert leads into sales. They can be your representatives.

Marketing Strategy & Management: They can help identify, create, schedule and implement marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

• Creative Design & Print: Build your brand with beautiful design and print. They offer rapid design and production including: brochures, reports, business cards, signage, exhibition stands, stationery and promotional merchandise.

Video and Photography: Create an impact and share your story through beautiful images and video. SWW will work with you to develop your ideas and transform them into slick videos or animations. Imagery is the best way to show off your business!

If you like the sound of SWW Marketing’s approach and would like a free marketing report, contact them.



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