Repair; Refurb; Retrofit A guide to buying concealed hinges

Concealed hinges for architectural doors are growing in popularity, so exactly why is this? Doors are differentiated according to their application, such as light or heavy duty, residential, commercial, industrial, to name a few. They differ in terms of load capacity, their dimensions, fire rating, their design and the door furniture they require to function. As a result, finding suitable hinge solutions for all structural circumstances requires the consideration of a wide range of design requirements and all technical challenges. The function of certain buildings, and what certain areas and rooms are used for dictates the structural requirements of the door and this affects the furniture system that door must use to be affective and durable.

More and more, architects and specifiers, looking for a sleeker and a more refined look for door hangings, for a wide range of doors and applications, are now specifying Concealed Hinges, with high quality knuckle hinge systems that are technically elegant, durable, strong and stylish.

So, what is a Concealed Hinge? A concealed hinge is a type of hinge that is completely hidden from view when the door is closed. The mechanism is designed in such a way that the knuckles of the hinge can disappear into recesses on both the door and frame with no visible mechanism at all. This feature is highly prized by architects and interior designers, whether for services’ access panels on building risers or flush doors and decor walls in residential properties.

By removing the visible knuckle, concealed hinges also remove the opportunity for tampering. Specifying concealed hinges builds in strength and security, meaning from either side of the door the hinge provides excellent security, making them ideal for secure facilities including institutional and healthcare environments. It also removes the opportunity for would-be thieves to gain access to secure rooms or properties by forcing the hinges.

The interlocking knuckles are made from the highest quality steels or alloys meaning they won’t twist, bend or warp over time. Not only does this maximise the weight these hinges can carry, but also extends the life of the mechanism as well.

Concealed hinges are available with 3-Dimensional adjustability, referenced as vertical, lateral, and compression, allowing for adjustment and alignment of the door once it is installed in the frame. This can reduce the need to re-hang the

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door for the installation of new floor coverings or if the door or frame warp or shrink over time.

Which Concealed Hinge is right for your needs? As the UK distributor for PIVOTA concealed hinges, Cooke Brothers offers a high-quality, precision made range of hinges which will provide a long life and extremely low maintenance operation. They provide improved security, enhanced aesthetics, and are an excellent choice for scenarios requiring a heavier door. The innovative design is both functional and extremely beautiful. The interlocking mechanism is designed to give maximum support and smooth operation whilst also being able to fold completely flush when the door is closed.

The PIVOTA concealed hinge literature within the Cooke Brothers website contains tables to compare the fundamental specifications for each model. The first question to ask is whether the door is to be fire rated. The majority of PIVOTA hinges are fire rated so long as the approved intumescent pack is also installed with the hinges. Some of the more lightweight options, or models with special features such as extended throw options are not.

Once you have decided on this you need to make sure the hinge is rated to take the weight of the door you are specifying. The weights quoted for these hinges are inclusive of architectural ironmongery and refer to the hinges used as a pair. For standard dimensional architectural doors only a pair, rather than the traditional 1½ pairs of single axis hinges, are required. A pair of PIVOTA DX 120 3D Concealed Hinges can take a combined adjusted door weight of 150kgs, including the handle, lock mechanism and any additional hardware specified for the door. Although concealed when closed, these hinges are aesthetically beautiful engineering masterpieces when the door is open, so finishing the product with designer cover plates and matching coatings to other door ironmongery is a prerequisite to a perfectly delivered project.

The entire PIVOTA range includes 7 distinct hinge specifications for doors weighing from 40kg right up to an impressive 350kg. adjusted by recommended factors for oversize or door closers, and suitable for doors ranging from 35mm to over 65mm in thickness. Features such as fire rating, offsets to allow for wall claddings, glass doors and security pins are available on selected models within the various ranges. Utilising concealed hinges on your next development is definitely worth a closer look.



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