Monarfloor IWS Fastfloor Cassette Flooring Systems

Separating Party Floors (Apartments) - Designing timber separating floors for apartments

The Holy Grail within new build apartments has been to be able to construct timber separating party floors within masonry supporting walls.

Here, Lee Nichols from Monarfloor Acoustic Systems, part of the BMI Group, discusses the development of Fastfloor.

Whilst construction details for timber floors separating floors within masonry walls is very attractive for low to mid rise apartments, the acoustic flanking transmission issues have meant it’s not practical, and whilst Part E of the Building Regulations gives a solution, the use of dense aggregate walls together with additional acoustic linings makes it very prohibitive, and expensive.

Add the forthcoming updates to thermal and fire requirements and a review of acoustic low frequencies, traditional timber floors are made even more challenging.

The Monarfloor IWS-Fastfloor has been developed over the last 10 years to be the most straightforward, fully compliant floor system on the market today, addressing fire, acoustic, structural, and thermal.

The Separating Party Floor delivers superior acoustic performance, exceeding the Scottish, English and Welsh sound insulation regulations whilst allowing a timber floor to be constructed in a number of wall constructions, from aircrete blocks, aggregate blocks and timber frame.

The system is much more than the product itself. We have listened to the concerns of the building industry and have tried to improve our construction details to assist in the delivery of higher quality floor performance in this ever more demanding environment.

The joist is a unique variant of the original ‘engineered wood product’, solid timber. It possesses very reliable strength and stiffness characteristics and is the only engineered joist on the market today pre-treated to provide robust fire protection and prevent against insect attack, wood decay and water ingress. This allows it to retain its strength and straightness characteristics both during and after the build process.

When it comes to specifying the most appropriate products, Monarfloor work with the architect from the outset on the whole design of the floor, thus each Fastfloor is unique to each development, this gives much more flexibility in addressing runs for M&E, under-floor heating, detailing for internal fit out. With such a unique complete package offering there are some significant cost savings to be realised within the build, such as a reduction in foundation requirements given less load over say precast floor planks.

The added benefit for the contractor is that Fastfloor is a modern solution such as these are one-part off-site systems helping to make installation and the build easier. The system meets the Governments drive for MMC, Off-Site and Future Homes.

Working with industry experts and major house-builders and developers we feel that Fastfloor is the future for separating floors within the UK.


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