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August 2020 • Pg 3 by Paul Andrew Doyle, Publisher ~


This cover photo was taken in Olympia, Washington at an art gallery in downtown Olympia. The gallery owner said to take as many photos as we like. We thought this would be appropriate as we are right in the middle of summer!

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ What a great time it is to cook and prepare foods! I have over four, three inch bind- ers filled with recipes from all around the world that my wife and I printed out. We have prepared every one in there so far and some we have repeated. The awesome part of making and preparing foods is the fact that if I were to cook a differ- ent recipe every day for the rest of my life, I would have a new one to cook every day! I also have over 300 recipe books of how to prepare just about any kind of food anywhere on the globe. I do try to learn how to make food items I’ve never tried when I can. Be- cause I work from my home office most of the time, I have plenty of opportunities to make labor intensive and detailed oriented dishes. At times, there is almost always a learning curve. I also

tend to make more than I should, but I do enjoy leftovers be- cause the flavors of- ten need developing and do so, especially when it comes to soups and sauces. I can however, make a spaghetti sauce within 1/2 hour that tastes like is has been cook- ing for 3 hours. Someone once

wrote to me telling me that people don’t want recipes and articles about food and family. They mentioned I pub- lished way to many. What’s that mean? I have no idea. There is no such thing as too many recipes in the world of food. Food brings people together and always has. My main objec- tive is to bring people together. Family is im- portant, hands down. And eating together is so great! In times like these, it helps us with our sanity and calmness in my hum- ble opinion.

“I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” ~ Harper Lee

Food is also some-

thing we all have in common. Making foods that include all facets of culture and ethnicities is essential to the survival of all of us here on this planet. There is no division with people when they are working to prepare a meal that they will sit down and eat together. When various peo-

ple asked me if they could contribute to the Upbeat Times over the last 22 years with food and recipes, I said sure, why not!! Only because food is an ever changing hobby and the sky is the limit to what we can do with it. I’ve made meals

that have taken sev- eral days to prepare and only minutes to consume. When ev- ery one is silent and the all you hear are the audible sounds of forks, knifes and the clinking of dinner continued on page 20

Waves crashing into shore

reaching a height of over 150 feet! Photo series from Cape Arago State Park, Oregon. ~ by PAD

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • August 2020 • Pg 3

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