Pg 18 • August 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. WHAT’S UP • SONOMA COUNTY A New Beginning J.J. Velarde ~

Check out https://www.cpr. org/2020/03/17/what-to- do-with-kids-at-home-on- coronavirus-break-mental- health-for-parents-too/ for more information. In navigating the con-

Sonoma County, CA. ~ My Father, a public school teacher with 65 years life experience, told me yes- terday that he went back to his old classroom on the Navy Base in Japan after three months of c los ur e. The white- boar d donned the date March 23rd, 2020, or “’the day the world ended,”” he said. S ince then, he has been teaching his 1st grade class virtually. The Back- to-School season is dawn- ing, and many of our chil- dren will begin or return to distance learning. With a majority of parents enter- ing a fourth month of work- ing remotely, in essential industries, or sending out résumés, resiliency is a must.

During these times,

Craig A. Kippenberg, au- thor and licensed social worker/counselor for three decades, recommends keeping routines like sleep schedules, exer- cise, reaching out to men- tal health professionals, small, outdoor playdates, or checking in with fam- ily and friends on Zoom.

Pg 18 • August 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

tinuum of school closures, consider this an oppor- tunity to experience your children’s strengths, guide them in their struggles and observe what comes up. Prioritize self care, and try

to empower students in building essential supplies, financially helping those affected by the pandemic, and exercising political rights around the world, high school students can apply to become an am- bassador for their school. This isn’t the end, but

a new beginning. Distance Learning may increase as public schools face an- other round of closure, or may require mask - ing. For those of you learn- ing how to balance school and home life check out these online re- sources: 1.

E d -

modo: a distance

these boredom busters: break out the old board games, go for a walk, plant some seeds, and nurture their artistic talents. Chan- nel that creative energy by creating a dance routine with your young dancers to a favorite tune, or cut- ting up old newspapers and magazines to paste into a collage. For fami- lies with teens, check out, an online gathering place for teens to check in and check out inspirational posts and projects. In fact, Covid-TV is a platform for four virtually-based com- munity projects: Build-A- Mask, Food for all, Sup- port the Unemployed, and Speak-Up. Designed

learning toolkit for teach- ers, students, and parents offering webinars and tech to stay updated and orga- nized. distancelearning/ 2.

For Overwhelmed

Parents: lists helpful sites by school subject. 3.

Career Technical

Education Foundation: Sonoma County centered educational partnership features resources for par- ents, students, and educa- tors.

https://ctesonomacounty. org/distancelearning/

Photo by Rachael Bujalski. The wilderness holds answers to questions we have not yet learned to ask. ~ Nancy Wynne Newhall

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