Pg 22 • August 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. August 2020 Crossword! EVER-CHANGING GARDEN ACROSS

1. Sail supports 6. Trudge 10. Center

14. Part of a body of water 15. 71 in Roman numerals 16. Elliptical 17. A drunk 18. Affirm 19. Naked 20. An orange-yellow food dye

22. Stars and Stripes 23. Egg cells

24. Bright and pleasant 26. Acid neutralizer 30. Communion table 32. Hurt badly 33. Resist 35. Brusque 39. Not outer

41. What a knight is called 42. Hair net 43. Befuddle 44. Neighborhood 46. Coagulated milk 47. Publish 49. A poor densely populated city district

51. Reduce in rank 54. Also

55. Fragrance 56. Dark and misty and gloomy

63. Stiff hair 64. Lamented 65. Ringworm bush 66. Radiate 67. Sea eagle 68. Complete 69. Out of harm’s way 70. Makes lace 71. Muzzle

DOWN 1. Fog

2. Dwarf buffalo 3. Aspersion 4. Exam

5. Steroid alcohol 6. Public square 7. Sixty-six in Roman numerals

8. Beasts of burden 9. Lead

10. Meeting 11. Small egg

12. Detecting by radio waves 13. Mournful poem 21. Keen

25. Stetsons and derbies 26. Dogfish 27. Territory 28. Warm-hearted 29. Make better 30. In flames

31. Stringed instrument 34. Jacob’s brother 36. Defeat disastrously 37. Class 38. Cocoyam 40. Repose 45. All excited 48. Hush-hush 50. Lifts

51. Measured amounts of medication

52. Swelling under the skin 53. Recurring theme 54. The periodic rise and fall of the sea 57. Emanation 58. The period preceeding Easter

59. A gas found in some lights

60. Not deceived by 61. A Central American sloth 62. Sodium chloride

Pg 22 • August 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” ~ Arnold Palmer

ing damaged oyster reefs.” Find more information at Nexus Media, Marlene Ci- mons and the myriad of her topics. “August is ripening grain in the fields blowing hot and sunny, the scent of tree-ripened peaches of hot buttered sweet corn on the cob. Vivid dahl- ias fling huge tousled blos- soms through the gardens and Joe- Pye weed dusts the meadow purple,” Jean Hersey Maybe it’s time to start a

worm bin? Sonoma Valley Worm Farm @ 800-447- 6996. They have been sell- ing worm for composting for more than 40 years. Ver- micomposting is the prac- tice of using earthworms to make compost. Driving a new green revolution, en- hancing soils, plants and re- warding farms with greater yields. Don’t you think it’s time for you to join the ‘un- derground movement?’ You decide!

“Summer set lips to the Earth’s bosom bare, and left the flushed print of a poppy there.”

Francis Thompson

Peat moss or coconut coir? Which is best for the en- vironment? It’s all about sustainability. It seems co- conut coir has to be highly processed with lots of water and hundreds of workers. And peat is from the ancient bogs releasing methane as it is harvested. What about using leaves raked in the fall? Every fall,

leaves are raked, bagged and tossed into landfills. They can actually be col- lected, stored, dampened and turned into rich leaf- mold over 6 months. As gardeners we sometimes have to make choices and some are tougher than oth- ers. Watch all the videos on the web about peat, coco- nut coir and leaf-mold. You decide. August is the time to plant

leeks and onions, beets, and other root crops. Plant peas, carrots, spinach, corn salad and lettuce. Sow

Solution for June 2020 CROSSWORD continued from page 8

seeds of asters, coreop- sis, cornflowers, and check your favorite nurseries for their fabulous offerings in every color of the rainbow. It’s also time to plant cover crops like red clover, purple vetch, oats and buckwheat that will grow until the first frost. Chop and then till un- der the soil to enrich and be ready for planting in spring. Be sure and plan an en-

chanting visit to Bees N Blooms at 3883 Petaluma Hill Road , in Petaluma. Offering stunning views of the Santa Rosa Plain, this 11-acre certified organic farm practices regenerative farming and are home to 13 beehives, drought toler- ant trees, cut flowers, plant starts, lavender gifts and vegetables. This majestic spot is also home to Califor- nia’s largest lavender laby- rinth boasting eight varieties of beautiful fragrant laven- der 900 sweet blossoming plants in the circular half- mile walk! You can visit their chickens, ducks and geese, purchase eggs, vegetables, native and drought tolerant plants and starts. Offering delicious honey, beeswax, essential lavender oil and more. info@beesnblooms. com, (707) 293-8293. Call them if you like to find out information and check out their website!

Miz Kimberly

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