Happiness and Joy By Jim Corbett ~

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Happiness and Joy are often seen as the same thing, but the dis- t inct ion between the two is important. Happiness is an emo- tion we ex- perience when we are con- tented, sat- isfied or experienc- ing intense pleasure, but Joy is a feeling that is less common than happi- ness, and is the result of experiencing selflessness and a spiritual connection to others.

For example, I just

bought a new car, the first one I have ever bought in my life, and I felt great satisfaction in driving it off the lot and loads of happi- ness whenever, I see my ‘Blue Baby’. And driving

this Prius and is smooth and I derive satisfaction from getting 50+ miles to the gal- lon while enjoying a very smoot h ride. But I know in time, that this hap- piness will abate and it will just be my car and I will look to find some-

thing else that I think will make m e happy. So I am happy now.

Joy, on the other

hand, comes from within and is a conscious deci- sion. When I am joyful it is because I have connected on a spiritual level with others. When I sing with

my Love Choir or play mu- sic with kids, I experience joy, which bubbles up from within me and seems to ig- nite the joy in others. Joy is definitely contagious, and music seems to be one of the catalysts for joy. The very activity of joining in with others in a com- mon pursuit produces joy from within. Everyone who has ever joined with others for a common pur -

that comes from within. You can find joy even in the presence of great sad- ness, as it is a decision rather than a reaction to outer circumstances. Hap- piness needs to be con- tinuously pursued, but joy is ev- and

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can be called up at will. S o by all

me a ns, desire your next happiness and the next one after pose has experi- enced joy from the inside out. Joy is a deep satisfaction

that doesn’t diminish over time. The satisfaction you feel from joy will be the same satisfaction you feel whenever you remember the experience. Happiness comes from circumstances,

outer whereas joy is a decision

that, but rely on Joy from your never-ending satis- faction, which is part of your spiritual DNA. So the question is: “What

are you doing in the world that is causing you joy?” Do That!

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The first golf balls used in the 16th

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