48/ JUNE 2020 THE RIDER The Stella Artois Polo Classic

Big Charity Support, Social Dis- tancing Model For Other Sport- ing Events, Temporary Name

For The Upcoming Scottsdale Polo Party: The Stella Artois Polo Classic (created by the

owners of the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships) to Help

Charities, Schools Hit Hard by COVID-19

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) — America’s most attended polo event is evolving this year with a temporary name,

its unique platform and event. Nonprofits and schools can

host fundraisers or donor thank you events at The Stella Artois Polo Classic with zero or very lit- tle costs through sales of tickets and tables in their own reserved areas. The event will donate ta- bles to organizations that would like to participate to use as they please. The nonprofits and schools can keep all of the rev- enue generated from their ticket and table sales. Multiple letters and emails


focus on social distancing and a new way to help local schools, nonprofits and charities hit hard by COVID-19. The Stella Artois Polo Clas-

sic (created by the owners of the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Champi- onships) will be held either Sat- urday, November 7th or 14th, 2020 at WestWorld of Scottsdale. The final date and all details will be released no later than August 15th.

In the meantime, the Stella

Artois Polo Classic at West- World’s outdoor polo field will

feature extensive social distanc- ing and open-air options to make guests as comfortable as possible in an environment as fun as pos- sible.

Some popular tents will

now be open-air and tailgating and lawn seating will be ex- panded. Tented-areas will be modeled after guidelines for

restaurants with distances be- tween tables. Among the new el- ements this year will be “Prom”, an open-air tent for high school students that had their memo- rable event canceled. As a thank you medical professionals, active military and veterans, as well as high school students, will receive complimentary admission to the

Polo Classic with ID. Overall, the approach will be a new way to host a sporting event that could be instructive for other games and matches before and after the Polo Classic. In response to the economic

trauma, the Polo Classic is offer- ing local charities and schools the chance to raise money utilizing

have gone out to Valley-wide charities over the past months alerting them to the option. Sev- eral have expressed interest, ranging in size from 50-200 peo- ple.

“With so many charity

events canceled in the Spring and more possible in the Fall, we know our event can be a catalyst for raising funds. People feel more comfortable outside and our large playing field – 3 times the size of a football field – al- lows us to make progressive plans that are both safe and fun,” said event co-founder Jason

Rose. The Scottsdale Polo Party

has grown into the most attended polo event in North America. More than 12,000 people at- tended the event in 2019. The Bentley Scottsdale

Polo Championships will return as previously constructed in 2021.

Despite the changes for

2020, organizers believe it might be the most rewarding year yet. “Charities can use us to

raise what will hopefully be hun- dreds of thousands of critical dol- lars as we demonstrate that fun and safe can be compatible later this year,” Rose said. If you are a nonprofit or

school interested in learning about this community- minded partnership opportunity, please contact Leslie Owen

at m or at (480) 577-4156. For. more information visit for infor- mation and special announce- ments.

Where the information starts! What, Who, and Where

Information for horse communities dealing with COVID-19 from the Equine Information Source

Written by Amanda St Onge. The Equine Information Source is a team

of students in the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Man- agement (BBRM) degree program majoring in Equine Management who are working to provide information for equine communities dealing with COVID-19. Our team consists of three student research

assistants. Caleigh Copelin is a third year student who has been riding and working with horses for 11 years in the hunter/jumper industry. She has worked for private barns, lesson facilities and even an overnight summer horseback riding camp. Amanda St Onge is also a third year student who grew up training and rehoming wild mus- tangs with her family and working on her neigh- bour’s cattle ranch in British Columbia. She has 19 years of experience with mostly western riding but has dabbled a bit in English. Elizabeth Crouchman is a graduating student who has been involved in the equine industry for approximately 14 years. She started out riding saddleseat but has recently made the switch to western riding. Su- pervising the students is Dr. Merkies, associate professor at the University of Guelph, and devel- oper of the BBRM major, the only equine degree program in Canada. She teaches numerous equine undergraduate courses while engaged in research projects involving equine behaviour, welfare and management. She is also a board member with the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada and the Interna- tional Society for Equitation Science. These bright young minds are dedicated to

providing helpful information for horse commu- nities around Canada such as highlighting specific risk factors in the spread of COVID-19 in barns, creating infographics and signage that can be printed and displayed in barns, and conducting videos and interviews with industry experts on topics that will assist horse owners and facility managers during this pandemic. This information can be found on the Equestrian Canada website 19-resourses. The students are also working with Equine

Guelph to provide resources to the horse commu- nity. As moderators on the Horse Portal commu- nity called For The Herd, they research expert advice and provide answers to questions on dif- ferent aspects of the equine industry dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. These topics include

nutrition, health care, farrier, pasture manage- ment, safety and prevention, risk management, financial management, future development, and of course general questions that do not fall into any of these categories. This forum is available only to applicants of For The Herd through On- tario Equestrian. This initiative was created to help barn owners whose main business and in- come derives from riding lessons. For more in- formation or to get involved with this program, go to

For more information, contact Dr Ka- trina Merkies,

Caption: The Equine Information Source is a group of dedicated students in the BBRM Equine Management degree program who, under the supervision of Dr. Merkies, are work- ing to provide resources to horse owners and fa- cility managers to help navigate through the pandemic. Clockwise from top left: Amanda St Onge, Elizabeth Crouchman, Caleigh Copelin, and Dr. Merkies, surrounding the team’s person- alized Equine Information Source logo.

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