Working For The Future Of Recreational

Canadians Community!!!

New Office Phone Number (905) 982 1339

The Office has Moved to 21351 Mueller Lane, Port Perry, On- tario L9L 1B6


Office Hours Monday to Friday 10am to 5Pm Saturday till Noon

Congratulations to Kerri Wilson

of Campbellford Ontario, who won the English Endurance Saddle and Pad

We know everyone is struggling

with restrictions but there is a glimmer of hope with establishments starting to re open in a much different way but at least opening!!!!! It will take a long time to recover

from lost income but everyone is ex- cited to be spending time with their horses. My hay sources tell me it has been a difficult spring due to the weather. Hay and Pasture are slow growing which could result in less cuts and higher prices. Even low gas prices are not helping. Hay prices are ex- tremely high right now if you can get some. The grain I feed to my boys jumped $3.00 in 6 weeks. Many lesson stables are hurting so please if you can sponsor a horse. Food for thought—-Perhaps you

could make a deal; bale of hay or bags of grain for a lesson or two. It is time to barter!!! Everyone wins!!!! Take Advantage of the special

The Rider is offering to CRHRA mem- bers to log into their online site. Link for the Rider: erSignUp We encourage everyone to sub-

scribe to the Rider as that is one of the ways we communicate with our mem- bers. You can do so when you join CRHRA there is a spot on the applica- tion for you to join. We are members of the Canadi-

anTrails Federation which gives us ac- cess to all Canadian Trail Organizations. Jack de Wit our President is also

President of this organization. Almost all of the Trails are open

with some limitations such as wash- rooms and offices for purchasing passes. You can purchase online. Be very sure what you are pur-

chasing on the application especially when it concerns the Insurance section. It can take many months to remove any- thing if you change your mind. Once we submit it to the BFL it is difficult to get the transaction Reversed. We are not insurance people, it is just a benefit op- portunity we offer to our members. It is a complicated process to reverse a credit card transaction as well. This can take months as well. You do not have to resubmit

your Date of Birth if you are a renewing member. Please fill out an application

form even if you are renewing. It has to be processed for the insurance people and into our system for payment pro- cessing. Just sending a cheque is not sufficient.

Also you need to submit an indi-

vidual application form for all persons that are joining or renewing. Please fill in the payment section for each applica- tion submitted. If you are a new or renewing

member and need proof of insurance be- fore you receive your white tags, the order number which you receive after you submit your birth date can be printed off and shown to whomever needs it.You are covered from the time

you submit that. We do not offer family or group memberships. For new members BFL does not

issue paper policies when you join but does provide a contact person for you to call if you have questions or issues. On the back of your membership tags is your policy number or you can use the order number. Have that ready when you call. 1-800-668-5901 Stephanie Kirton. We urge you to call BFL as they

can answer your insurance questions as we are NOT Insurance People we ONLY provide opportunity for insur- ance as a benefit. A BFL representative will be at

our booth as well to answer your ques- tions.

We do not send out reminders

that your membership has expired in order to keep costs down! Check your tags and you will know when you ex- pire. Our memberships run from Jan 1 to Dec 31 each year. It does not matter when you apply it will expire Dec 31. Let’s all stay Healthy and do all

we can to stop the spread of this Horri- ble outbreak!!!!

Be Smart!!! Be Safe!!! Bonnie

2173 Cockshutt Road, Waterford, ON 519-443-7333 •


Here at Fletcher’s we are absorbing ALL PRICE INCREASES that

incurred since COVID on all of our NEW

2020 2H Straight

w/ Dress, RAMP, 14ft List $23,495 - Sale $20,245!

Only $120.06 Bi-Weekly*

List Price: $30,495 - Sale Price: $25,995! Only $112.83 Bi-Weekly*†

2020 2H Straight w/ Dress Trillium

Fletcher’s bumper pulls for as long as we can. We are here to help you in these difficult times

2020 Bison 7207 Trail Hand - 7ft wide 2 horse 7ft shortwall Black Beauty Edition List $54,995 - Sale $45,995!

Only $165.014.43 Bi-Weekly***

2020 Bison 7307 Trail Hand 7ft wide 3 horse 7ft shortwall List $61,995 - Sale $47,995!

Only $172.22 Bi-Weekly**

NEW 2020 Bison Trail Hand w/Mangers 7311 Slide Out, 7ft wide 3 horse, 11ft shortwall

List Price: $67,995 Sale Price: $55,995! Only $206.00 Bi-Weekly**

2020 Bison Premiere 8317

8ft wide 3 horse 17ft Shortewall, Super-Slide 12ft List Price: $129,995 - Sale Price: $109,995!

Additional $10k off! Call for details!

2020 Bison 7411 Trail Hand Slide Out 7ft Wide, 4 Horse, 11ft Short Wall. List $67,995 - Sale $55,995!

Only $206.00 Bi-Weekly****

2020 Lakota Charger 8311 SR 8ft wide 3 horse 11ft shortwall List Price: $92,,995 - Sale Price: $71,995!

Only $265.61 Bi-Weekly****

2020 Bison Premiere 8417 8ft wide 4 horse 17ft Premiere

List Price: $149,995 - Sale Price: $124,995! Only $393.84 Bi-Weekly*****

BP * Term: 120 Interest rate: 6.95% -Based on a fully open loan, with $500 down BP *† Term: 180 Interest rate: 5.95% -Based on a fully open loan, with $500 down LQ ** Term: 240 Interest rate: 5.99% -Based on a fully open loan, with $500 down LQ *** Term: 240 Interest rate: 5.59% -Based on a fully open loan, with $500 down LQ **** Term: 240 Interest rate: 5.99% -Based on a fully open loan, with $1,000 down LQ ***** Term: 240 Interest rate: 5.99% -Based on a fully open loan, with $22,000 down

All Payment Includes Tax!

† Call for Pre Owned Financing Details

Only $295.42 Bi-Weekly****

List: $ 98,995.00 - SALE: $ 79,995.00!

Bison Laredo Slide 8317 Bunk House 8ft wide 3 horse 17 ft shortwall

Certified Pre Owned 2018 Bison 8209 Slide out 8 ft wide 2 horse 9 ft shortwall

List Price: $59,995 - Sale Price: $48,995! Only $180.97 Bi-Weekly**

Certified Pre Owned 2018 Bison Ranger 8314 Rear Side Load 8ft wide 3 horse 14ft shortwall

List Price: $71,995 - Sale Price: $60,995! COME FIND YOUR DREAM TRAILER!

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