JUNE 2020 THE RIDER /33 The Millar Family Launches Millar Brooke Farm South Alexander and Holly Grayton Join Team Millar

May 22, 2020 – Perth, On- tario – The Millar family has announced the opening of its U.S.-based satellite operation, Millar Brooke South, as well as the addi- tion of Alexander and Holly Grayton to Team Millar. As Millar Brooke

Farm continues to expand its business and grow, the timing was

right for

Jonathon Millar and his wife, Kelly Soleau-Millar, to base in the United States for the majority of the year, marking the official launch of Millar Brooke Farm South. The move allows the business to have an in- creased presence south of the Canadian border, pro- viding easier access to more shows, the ability to source horses from a wider area, and greater networking and training opportunities. “We are excited to

open up Millar Brooke

training and management for our horses and students,” said Kelly, who made her Nations’ Cup debut riding for the United States in 2018. “I am very excited about the future for Team Millar as we continue to grow and provide new op- portunities for our students, sponsors, and owners.” The expansion of

Team Millar also necessi- tated additional coaching power and expertise to sup- port Ian Millar and his daughter and fellow Cana- dian Olympian, Amy, in meeting the increased train- ing demands at home in Canada. To that end, Alexander and Holly Gray- ton have relocated to Millar Brooke Farm North. Since 2008, the Graytons had been operating Grayton Farms in Alberta where they focused on coaching, sales, and de- veloping young horses. “After an extensive

search for the right fit, we could not be happier that we

Championship titles as well as grand prix victories and hunter champi- onships. Alexander has trained riders of all levels, from those entering their first horse show to winning National Talent Squad Finals, FEI Children’s Fi- nals, international grand prix classes, and every place in between. Holly is a budding grand prix

rider and will take on managerial duties at Millar Brooke Farm North. Students of the sport can look to Holly for her accumulated knowledge of horse care and can trust in her never-ending desire to continue to learn from esteemed and respected colleagues from around the world.

“Both Alex and Holly will be in-

credible assets to our team,” concluded Amy. “Their passion for the sport, training, people, and their horses make them a perfect fit for our program.” For more information on Millar

Brooke Farm and Team Millar, visit

Photo Far Left: Kelly Soleau-Millar and Jonathon Millar will lead opera- tions at Millar Brooke Farm South based in Wellington, FL. Photo by Jump Media Photo at Left: Ian, Amy, and Jonathon Millar of Millar Brooke Farm. Photo by Starting Gate Communications

South,” said Jonathon, a vet- eran of the Canadian Show Jumping Team and 2010 World Equestrian Games competitor. “With opera- tions based in Canada and the United States, our busi- ness now has a lot more flexibility surrounding what shows we can attend around the world, access to addi- tional horses and sponsor- ships, and enhanced training opportunities for our horses and riders.” Millar Brooke Farm

South will compete predom- inantly in the United States during the summer months while Millar Brooke Farm North, based in Perth, ON, will spend the bulk of its time competing in Canada. Both operations will con- tinue to train and compete together in Wellington, FL, during the winter circuit. “Every year we come

together to discuss how to provide the highest level of

were able to attract them to Perth to join our team,” said Amy, who was a member of Canada’s team at

fourth-placed the 2016 Rio

Olympics. “Alex and Holly are highly regarded with a proven track record of suc- cess, and we are confident that they will contribute to Team Millar. We are all ex- cited about the opportunities that lie ahead.” Ian added, “I am very

excited to add Alex and Holly to our staff. Alex and Holly are both dedicated horse people with whom we have a history, first as stu- dents and then as col- leagues. Alex is a talented rider, fantastic teacher, and has incredible passion for our sport.” Over the past several

years, Alexander has devel- oped several horses to the elite level, claiming Talent Squad National Final and National Young Horse

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