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Ontario Improving Broadband and Cell Service for Rural Communities

News Release - June 3, 2020 Connecting Residents and Busi- nesses to the 21st Century Digital Economy Essential for Recovery after COVID-19

TORONTO ― As Ontario safely and gradually begins to reopen, the provin-

cial government is investing $150 mil- lion in reliable broadband and cellular service. This funding will help create even more economic and educational opportunities in rural, remote and under- served areas of the province. This is part of the province’s $315 million initiative called Up to Speed: Ontario’s Broad- band and Cellular Action Plan. Today’s announcement was made

by Premier Doug Ford, Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Laurie Scott, Minister of Infrastructure, and Stephen Lecce, Minister of Educa- tion.

From Our Founder

Remembering June 1986

Well here we are in the mid-

dle of a World Pandemic and no one has any idea when it will end. I bought a GMC Savana Van so I could use it as a camper at horse shows and rodeos, spend a few days camped out, revive old memories. But this Coronavirus has other plans for the world.

In June 1986 Canadian

Horse loving teenagers were off to Australia to the Jr. AQHA World Championships. The Canadian Quarter Horse Associ- ation were responsible for putting the contestants together. Lori Emick, 18, was the Ontario Rep- resentative. Other Canadian rep- resentatives were Tara Rimmer of Victoria, BC, Laura Gardiner of Dugald, Manitoba, Nadine Char- trand of Drummondville, QC and

“As we carefully restart the eco-

nomic engine of Canada, every region and every community will play a role in bringing jobs and prosperity back to our province,” said Premier Ford. “By in- vesting in reliable broadband and cellu- lar service, we are helping to create greater opportunity for our families, farmers and small business owners in rural and remote areas of this great province.” The new Improving Connectivity

in Ontario, or ICON, program, when leveraged, has the potential to result in an investment of up to $500 million in total partner funding to improve connec- tivity in underserved and unserved areas. Applicants, including telecom companies, municipal governments, First Nation communities, and non-prof- its, will be invited to submit innovative proposals and lend their investment, ex- pertise and experience to improve con-

Jason Grimshaw from Calgary, Alberta.

The Ontario Racing Com-

mission finally recognized that Quarter Racing Horse existed. Had it not been for Frank Drea of the Ontario Racing Commission Para Mutuel Racing would not have happened. Quarter Horse Racing would still be a back yard event. There were Ontario Quar- ter Horse Racing Association members pushing hard for this to happen. Ralph Pearson, President of QROOI, was the driving force, along with Norm and Alex Picov, Mel Romain, Albert Greco and Don Nye, President of OQHA. I knew and worked with Frank Drea during his newspaper days at a Toronto daily.

Deerwood Farms of Calgary

were advertising Shock Em, an AQHA Superior Champion. The stallion was being promoted as Canada’s most successful young sire. The owners were Sissy and Scobey Hartly. The second annual Canadian

nectivity in communities across Ontario. The province will fund a portion of each approved project. “By doing their part and staying

home to help stop the spread of COVID- 19, the people of Ontario have demon- strated the need to be connected to learn, work, and run their businesses,” said Minister Scott. “It appears that function- ing remotely will continue to be a regu- lar way of life for many in this new environment, and fast reliable Internet will be critical. The ICON program is an important step towards bridging the dig- ital divide in Ontario.” Access to broadband is a core compo- nent of the province’s Learn at Home plan. Reliable Internet, particularly in rural and regional areas, is essential to supporting students’ success in school. The provincial government recently called on the federal government to take immediate action to improve Internet

Quarter Horse Championships were announced by the Canadian Quarter Horse Association for October 10 to 12 at the Whoop Up Pavilion in Lethbridge, Al- berta

The Manitoba Reined Cow

Horse Breeders Association an- nounced their Keystone Futurity for September 6-7 in Brandon Manitoba.

Back in 1986 the OQHA

commissioned a study that showed absolute proof that the Ontario Western Horse industry provided over $1 Billion annu- ally to the agricultural economy. Linda Harrison Sisson crafted a well written and researched story that was on our front page. I’m just musing after 34 years that this research by OQHA under the direction of Don Nye helped push the ORC to a wise decision. As well the study help increase the Ontario Fair Boards to have more western horse classes.

Do you love Fergus? Visit his website at:

Gennie Cuthbertson wrote in her QROOI column that the associa- tion had arrived at their 17th An- niversary. Racing started in Col. Albert Greco’s back yard. The Rider had a partnership ina Quar- ter Racing Horse. We were proud to be in the races. She could out run any horse in her category and in foal as well, but as soon as she was out front she would pull back. She had some kind of aver- sion of needing to follow the herd. Oh well such is life in the fast lane.

The Rider warned readers MY Turn Two issues ago I men-

tioned that I would have a story about my experi- ences with a National Heating and Air Condition Company. Well here is the story. Back in 2013 we needed a new furnace so we decided to lease one. It was a 7 year agreement. As well we had this com- pany put in a new water heater. The time came when

the lease was up on the furnace so we contacted

connectivity for Ontario students. As many as 12 per cent of house-

holds in Ontario ―mostly in rural, re- mote or Northern areas ― are underserved or unserved, according to

the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. “Access to high-speed Internet is

foundational to our young people’s suc- cess in learning, working, and innovat- ing, today and into the future,” said Minister Lecce. “Our government is tak- ing action by connecting all schools to broadband, starting with high schools this September 2020 and elementary schools by September 2021. It is also why we are calling on the federal gov- ernment to step up their investment to connect the next generation of thinkers and workers to the modern and digital economy.” The ICON program is one of sev- eral important initiatives underway to

that treated wood shavings pose danger to horses exposed to it.

The Canadian National Ex-

hibition advertised 20 days of free horse shows. Horses were a big draw to the annual event, then some hot shot decided that they needed to end this event. Now all that they have a super produced wild west show and rodeo by the Ross Millar Group. Except for this year of course.

expand access to mobile broadband and high-speed Internet services. Over the past several months, Ontario has part- nered with the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) to leverage $213 mil- lion to improve access in Eastern On- tario.

As part of a $190 million project to

bring high-speed Internet to thousands of homes and businesses throughout Southwestern Ontario, the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) has awarded contracts in Lambton, Wellington and Norfolk counties. Ontario has also invested in initia-

tives to improve connectivity in North- ern Ontario, such as a project that will connect five remote Matawa-member First Nation communities, and invest- ments in broadband projects through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corpo- ration and the Next Generation Network Program.

them as they conveniently forgot about the lease. I guess they were desperate for cash. They finally agreed to re-

move the furnace on March 09/20 as we could not reach a price to buy. Some upstart at the com-

pany had decided to include in the lease that it could be pur- chased for $4,000. Now I offered $1,000 as the fur- nace was 7 years old. I could pur- chase a brand new installed furnace for only l$900.00 more. Last time I looked I did not see an idiot stare back at me in the mirror. I said I would keep the water heater and sign a service agreement on the furnace. We could not reach an

agreement so I had the water heater removed. I delivered it back.

Anyway I confirmed the re-

moval date and time, as it was still winter. I had the new furnace installers on standby. Well you guessed right. This Illustrious company that spends millions on attracting new customers have no idea how to look after regular ones.

The time scheduled by them

was missed. I called and they confirmed that the removal serv- ice would be here in one hour. Well that one hour extended to two hours. I called again they ad- vised the same fib. I finally called the new com-

pany and they had to remove the furnace. They put it out side of the garage. I covered it with plas- tic. Then I called this Illustrious company again. Funny thing, everyone who answered the

phone in that department were lacking in English language skills. I asked that the manger call me. Here I am 85 days plus later and they have not called. After 5 days of their $4,000

furnace sitting outside I emailed them to get it out of here. One of their people showed up. I caught him loading the furnace without my permission or him providing proper paper work which I had to write up for him to sign. I guess that the furnace was not worth what they were demanding. Things escalated as they

took another payment from my account. When confronted they said that it was their mistake, they promised to send a refund cheque. NOT SO! They conve- niently forgot. I told them I would write this story but it fell on deaf ears. I had a stop pay- ment in place and demanded that they pay this cost as well. As for the water heater I am

now receiving nasty robo calls demanding payment. I took it back on February 28th. If these people worked for

me they would be gone in less than a heart beat. Oh yes. I told them that I would use their name in the story. That would be Re- liance Home Comfort. Thanks for looking down in

this corner. Remember you and only

you are responsible for not re- porting Child, elder and animal abuse. Also those that litter are in this group.

Aidan W. Finn CD

Founder of The Rider 1970 President, Orange aPEEL

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