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By Tracy Galvin. These last few months

have, for most of us, turned our world topsy-turvy. The members of the Ontario Ex- treme Cowboy Club are se- riously missing our races; they’re not just for points and putting our skills to the test, they are get-togethers with our OXC family. We’re spread out across the province and although we’re keeping in touch through our Ontario Ex- treme Cowboy Club social media sites, we really miss seeing each other – having fun in the ring, of course, but also giving each other tips, catching up ring-side or camping out with a big bon- fire under the starry sky. We’ve had to cancel

many of our OXC races this year but we’re still hoping to announce some, with COVID-19 precaution mod- ifications, by mid-to late summer; please watch our social media sites or the OXC website for the latest news.

So, you say, if we’re

not racing yet, then why be- come an OXC member this year?

Lots of great reasons!

There’s our monthly Give- away Draw for awesome prizes and all you have to do is …be a member! We’ve just had a fun colouring con- test for our Young Gun and Youth divisions in May and next we hope to have a vir- tual

race, OXC-Style!

We’re planning other virtual events if we can’t get gather in person, but most impor- tantly, your 2020 member- ship fees will keep our wonderful

Ellie Ross

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Laikyn West

through and around a series of obstacles that not only show that you’re in control of your ride but that you can tackle anything that may come up that day, rain or shine. That’s why every


course is different. Remember that ranch

boss (judge) in last month’s column who wants to hire you (give you a good score) because of how efficiently and quickly you and your

club afloat

through this strange year. And you’ll be providing the support we need to come back with even more races, more members and more fun whenever we get to put our hooves back in the rac- ing arena! Last month I shared a

description of Extreme Cowboy racing from OXC member Karen Dallimore from her Horse Basics Face- book page. This month I thought it’d be fun to visit Karen’s OXC “Jobs List”. It takes a few years for a com- petitor and their horse to be- come seasoned because there are just so many jobs to do. You’ll have to go fast, go slow, stand still, back up, go sideways, and maneuver your way over, under,

horse complete the ranch tasks, while also showing excellent horsemanship? Well, that same ranch boss (judge) will challenge your skills by creating a course that mixes up those tasks, like going from a free ride to a gate - fast to slow - then sending you over a jump. Your horse will need to know how to turn it on and shut it down and crank it back up again - it is a long day on the ranch so they need to show that they can work, then rest. So, while this sport looks like just an obstacle course, having your ‘rail work’ - transi- tions, leads, responding to your cues from seat and leg - will make the difference in a competition. Every course will come back to how well anchored you are in these riding skills. Take a look through

the approved obstacle list at https://extremecowboyasso- and pick some to polish up as your signature obstacles – there’s a lot to choose from!

Don’t forget to sign up

for your OXC membership on our website. Soon we’ll

be together again, racing in a ring and cheering each other on. And I’m looking forward to a bonfire or two as well!

Keep well and safe,

Tracy Galvin 2020 OXC Communica- tions Director

By Bruce Ionson.

Karen Babcock During the 1970’s the Ontario

Quarter Horse Association was on a huge growth curve with an increasing amount of AQHA approved Quarter Horse shows. Inline with this growth was the Youth activity classes (13 & under and 14-18) years of age. How- ever during these early years most of the AQHA shows in Ontario for Youth was 18 and under classes. Our first “Where are they now?”

features Karen Babcock (now Mrs. Karen Driver). Karen was a dominant competitor in the show ring. As a 13 and under she pushed the older Youth competitors on a regular basis. As a matter of fact she was deemed too young and kept off the Congress Youth team early on. Karen was no doubt a

trail blazer in the early years of the On- tario Youth within OQHA. The follow- ing are some highlights: • 9 straight years on the OQHA Youth Congress team • Won the Youth Showmanship in 1977

(5 go rounds) one of the first competi- tors from Ontario to win a class at the All American Quarter Horse Congress • President of the Youth Association during 1976 • OQHA All Round Youth Champion for 4 years • In one show season won 35 of 36 Showmanship’s • Karen’s favorite Horse to show was “Bell Man”. During those dominant show years, Bell Man earned the most AQHA points !!! Now a days Karen and her hus-

band Paul own Driver Realty Inc. Bro- kerage in Aylmer, Ontario. ————

If you have old photos and you

were involved in the 60’s,70” and 80” and have a story to tell please send it to me at

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