Q.R.O.O.I: 50 Alexander Crossing’s, Ajax, ON L0S 1T6 Telephone: (905) 426-7050 • Fax: (905) 426-7093 Email:


Bob Broadstock 18101 Cedardale Road, Nestleton, Ontario L0B 1L0 (905) 986-0044 email:

QROOI News Industry Notice:

Temporary Change To The Process To Add A Horse To The EIPH Program In Ontario

As the industry prepares

for the resumption of racing, the AGCO would like to provide an update to trainers, assistant trainers, owners and veterinari- ans looking to add a horse to the Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH) Program in Ontario. Due to the COVID-19 pan-

demic and in support of the in- dustry as it prepares for the resumption of

racing, the

AGCO has temporarily changed the process of how to add a horse to the EIPH Program in Ontario. Until July 1, 2020, the

AGCO will accept horse racing licensees’ submissions to add or remove a horse to the EIPH Program via email to vet- How to make an EIPH

Regulatory Submission to add/remove a horse to/from the EIPH Program in Ontario by email (until July 1, 2020)

1. Prepare to send your EIPH Program submission via email to • Complete and sign (digitally or by hand) the attached 2-page EIPH Program Authorization Form for each horse you are looking to add to the EIPH pro- gram.

• Attach the completed form to an email. If completing or sign- ing by hand, you can either scan or take a photo of the form. NOTE: Faxes will not be ac- cepted.

2. The AGCO will confirm receipt of your email

enroll/remove the horse in the EIPH program and will send you an email to: • confirm that the horse has been successfully enrolled/re- moved in the EIPH program • provide any additional details

(e.g., horse name, eligible rac- ing date) • deny your submission and state the reason why (e.g., addi- tional information required, etc.)

NOTE: After July 1, 2020, the AGCO will once again only ac- cept EIPH Program submis- sions online through the iAGCO

portal at We en- courage you to be proactive and log onto iAGCO prior to July 1, 2020 so you are familiar with the process.

For information on how to make an EIPH Regulatory Sub- mission to add/remove a horse to/from the EIPH Program in Ontario through the iAGCO portal, please see: • May 22, 2020 Industry Notice: Adding a Horse to the EIPH Program in Ontario.

Additional Resources

Licensing Agents can be reached by email at racingli-

Veterinary Clerks can also be reached by email at

ing AGCO Racing on Twitter @AGCO_Racing and visiting the AGCO COVID-19 Updates page.

to Thank you.

Jennifer Iveson Senior Advisor, Strategic En- gagement Alcohol and Gaming Commis- sion of Ontario


Erik Lehtinen RR #2, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R2 (905) 852-5245

Greg Watson 785 Hwy 7A, Bethany, ON L0A 1A0 (705) 277-0248

Bryanne Sheppard 749 Waite Road, Pontypool, ON L0A 1K0

Chantelle Bourgeois - 416-985-7046

Ralph Pearson - 905-243-4501

James Bogar

Quarter Horse Racing returned to Ajax Downs for a 51st season on June 10th

Downs’ General Manager Emilio Trotta. “It may not be the most optimum situation without our great fans in attendance but is is still great to get back at it.”

ting a late start to its 2020 racing season due to the COVID-19 pan- demic that shuttered sporting events and businesses. “We are very excited to get back to racing,” said Ajax

at the track thus the change this year from the usual Sunday after- noon race and event days to Wednesdays. Fans, can, however, watch our live feed on the Ajax Downs website at http://www.ajax- and wager through Horseplayer Interactive at As with all other racetracks in Ontario, Ajax Downs’ is get-

AJAX DOWNS, MAY 25, 2020 - The fastest horses in the land will be back in action at Ajax Downs on Wednesday June 10, 2020, opening day of the 21-card Quarter Horse racing season. Racing will be held each Wednesday through the summer with a post time of 12:55 p.m. For the time being, there will not be any spectators allowed

Princess Derby for 3-year-old fillies in July, kicks off with Picov Maturity for older horses on Canada Day. And if recent training workouts are any indication, the top

tario’s First Line Racing Syndicate and how to buy your own share in a Quarter Horse, visit www/ Attached is the 2020 racing dates schedule for Ajax Downs.

Photo below is of the track’s most famous rivals Had to Be Ivory (right, in blue) and Country Boy 123 (left, in yellow) who are ex- pected back in 2020-

Clive Cohen photo

website plus follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@AjaxDowns) and on Facebook. To find out more about the Quarter Racing Owners of On-

A busy stakes schedule, which includes the new $50,000

contenders for the Maturity, HAD TO BE IVORY, the 2019 Horse of the Year and COUNTRY BOY 123, the 2016, 2017 and 2018 top horse will be ready to put on a great show once again. Keep updated on news and handicapping at the Ajax Downs

Stay up to date by follow- Update on Purse Funding Re-Allocation – May 27, 2020

Notice to the Industry We understand that these are difficult times and have done our

best to ensure funding for this program was distributed as quickly as possible while still meeting the requirements of the application process. We are happy to announce that the remainder of the April

cheques have been sent out and those still waiting for payment should receive a cheque by the end of this week. We will begin to compile the May payments to be sent out the

first week of June. A list of eligible horses will be published on the Ontario Rac-

ing website shortly. Any questions regarding the eligibility of horses in the Purse

Re-Allocation Funding Program should be directed to the relevant horseperson’s association. Verification of all horses on the submit- ted applications was done exclusively by HBPA, COSA, and QROOI so questions regarding criteria should be directed to your applicable association. In addition, please note the following:

• The COVID-19 Racetrack Protocol Minimum Standards have been posted on the website here. • The updated AGCO Race Date Calendar can be found here. • The Standardbred Qualifying Schedule can be found here.

Thank you for your continued support!

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