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1. Moral principle 6. Western Samoan mone- tary unit 10. Behalf 14. A chain for a pet 15. Turquoise 16. Afresh 17. An attractive young lady 18. In baseball, a type of infield hit

19. Not pre-recorded 20. Kirk’s starship 22. Utilizer 23. Fish eggs 24. Renegades 26. A chemical radical de- rived from methane 30. Pilot 32. Wings

33. City in Norway 35. Vassal 39. Mangles 41. Paddle

42. Pertaining to the sun 43. Caper

44. Fertilizer ingredient 46. Utilizes 47. Wire rope 49. Type of volcanic rock 51. Flashing light 54. Hyrax 55. Fellow 56. A cord that runs through a purse or curtain 63. Lease 64. Entice

65. Relative magnitudes 66. Exhort 67. Blue dye

68. Rectify or change 69. Ale

70. Repast 71. Cripples


1. A river in central Europe 2. Adolescent 3. Stop

4. Small island 5. A small red fruit 6. Sword

7. Prefix indicating “Equal” 8. Religious sisters 9. Diner

10. Healthy 11. Liquorice-flavored seeds 12. Cudgel 13. Pitchers

21. Played on horseback or in the water

25. Snake-like fishes 26. Mother 27. Panache 28. Tight

29. Wingless flying machine 30. A burst of light 31. Traditional knowledge 34. The immaterial part of a person

36. “Born Free” lionness 37. Celt

38. Formerly (archaic) 40. Forms on a wound 45. Loose sleeveless cloaks 48. Chaos 50. Stellar 51. Scour 52. Not here 53. Scope 54. Inhabit

57. Magical symbol 58. Operatic solo 59. Avatar of Vishnu 60. A distinct part 61. One less than ten 62. Deities

Pg 22 • JUNE 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

They are collections of an- nual and perennial blends. Their stunning catalogue has a cosmos assortment that will make your head spin! Some include Cran- berry Cosmos, deep cran- berry-red blooms, Capri- ola Cosmos, white flowers boldly edged in vivid pink. There are coneflowers, fragrant car- nations, Fairy Candy t uf t mixture, Bal- loon flowers and bachelor buttons, Anise hyssop, Pur- ple Ribbons Spanish lav- ender, catnip and catmint seeds, herb collections and vegetables. Seeds can open a dramatic world of possibilities. You decide! If you are starting trans-

plants and cuttings try the age-old willow tea. This homemade rooting hormone mix is simple to make. Cut pencil thin

“You are only given a

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little spark of madness. You

mustn’t lose it.” Robin Williams

branches from willow (Salix) There are about 400 willow trees and shrubs in the northern hemisphere! Re- move leaves and just use stems. Chop in 1” pieces to fill a quart Mason jar half way and fill with water. Sit jar in the warm sun for 2 days then remove stems. Use this magic elixer to wa- ter transplants and cuttings. You can also place cuttings in willow wa- ter too for an equally amaz- ing effect. Re- member we are all made of star stuff. The molecules in

the stars are in us too. We are in the universe and the universe is inside us! Don’t ever feel alone because of this fact you should feel very connected.

Punitentiary #2

Biologists have recently produced immortal frogs by removing their vocal cords. They can’t croak.

The best way to

communicate with a fish is to drop them a line.

The marine biology seminars weren’t for entertainment but were created for educational porpoises.

Sign at a deer crossing: The Buck Stops Here.

JOKES & Humor #7 Solution for MAY, 2020 CROSSWORD

A friend asks his rich friend, “What are the cleaning tools of a butler?” The rich boy says “A feather duster, a broom, and a bee.” The friend re- sponds “A bee?” The rich boy

answers,“Yes, if you get less than a B on your report card and you don’t clean your room, the butler will tell your parents.”

Do your work with your whole heart, and you will suc- ceed - there’s so little competition. Elbert Hubbard

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Miz Kimberly

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