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Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Chandi


Group, the North Bay’s premier restaurant group known for superior taste and artful host- ing, is excited to announce the reopening of two of its Santa Rosa restaurants! After sev-

eral weeks of closure due to COVID-19, the downtown restaurants, Bollywood Bar & Clay Oven and Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen are once again serving locals via take- out, curbside pickup and third-party delivery (DoorDash, Grubhub & PostMates). Both kitch- ens are highlighting new

GOOD NEWS! Bollywood Bar & Clay Oven and Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen Are Back in Business

specials that serve fam- ilies and couples at an affordable price. To minimize contact, guests may call ahead


cocktails to the Santa Rosa community in the safest way possible,” said Sonu Chandi, Pres- ident of Chandi Hospital- ity Group. “We could not be more excited to reopen our doors at both Bollywood Bar & Clay Oven and


Baron Bar & Kitchen. Our staff has been working tire- lessly to add extra levels of

or place their orders and pay online directly through each restau- rant’s website.


our unusual circum- stances, we are proud to resume serving our sig- nature dishes and craft

safety and convenience to ensure our guests have the peace of mind they deserve when or- dering from any restau- rant within the Chandi Hospitality Group.”

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better protected. Wash those wonderful hands and apply soothing lotion. Clean, clean, clean what’s touched without adding uncomfortable drama and stress to the rituals.

♥ LOSE OR USE THE NEWS with a light and care-full touch. Most ‘news’ is laced with fearful conjecture and awefulis- ing. Listening, watching is like loading up on junk food. Can you filter out the parts that are useful to you, from the parts that make you tense and fear- ful? Digest the best?

♥ GO THE EXRA MILE. Maybe take a good vita- min C and D, magnesium (for nerves), EFAs. Keep the PH more balanced? I put a bit of baking soda in my palm and lick it to

create more alkalinity. Or I drink a bit of apple cider vinegar (with “the mother”) in H2o. ACV is also good to wipe off a kitchen counter, banish germs. Another habit I indulge is sinus flushing. (Santa Ro- sa’s NeilMed product is PH balanced, easy to use.) Gargle with warm salt wa- ter. Hydrate! Like tea? Make an herbal respiratory elixir: yerba santa, lobelia, elderberries, adding echi- nacea-goldenseal or net- tles. Slippery elm soothes throats. Make a cleansing infusion tea with “cleavers” –those long, sticky weeds in the yard. Feel a sinus infection coming on? I put a couple drops of oregano oil under my tongue, 1-2 times day for a couple of days. Or lick a lemon slice with cayenne on it! And yes, relax, rest, sleep.

♥ PROP UP YOUR FAITH. What genuinely sparks your appreciation of the mystery, grace and bless- edness of being alive? My go to’s are nature im- mersions, mindful breath- ing/meditating, offering prayers of thanks. AND uplifting others! We feel so well when we do.

Gezunteheit. May you be well. Shining DeLight. xoMarcia

Marcia Singer, MSW, CHt is now offering online classes in

YogaCise, mindfulness

stress reduction, and Joy ful- fillment. Contact her via her website as well for info about her private counseling and healing practice.

The secret of getting ahead is

getting started. Mark Twain

Pg 14 • JUNE 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” ~ Winston Churchill

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