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Additionally, on Broad- way, Servais was in the original Broadway cast of “Lysistrata Jones”. Some of her favorite regional credits include “Legally Blonde” (Elle Woods), “Chicago” (Roxie), and most recently “A Taste of Things to Come” (Connie) in Broadway in Chicago. “This special live per- formance was meant to bring smiles, laughs, and a sense of connec- tion to our friends across the country on a week- end when we’re used to being together with our family and friends,” says

Transcendence Co-Founder

Stubbins. “In addition to the performance, one of my favorite elements of the evening was the abil- ity for our community to chat with each other live and reconnect online throughout the show.” Viewers

were en- couraged to send in a favorite pic- ture of them with their Mother in advance of

the performance, to Lib- byAndStephan@gmail. com. Thirty minutes be- fore the performance began a selection of pic- tures from viewers were highlighted. 10% of the proceeds from the eve- ning went to two organi-

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zations that are currently making a difference in the lives of families and mothers across the country, Transcendence Theatre Company and Bridge the Generations. Transcendence is an award-winning Sonoma County based non-profit arts organization that, through this time, has been providing free on- line arts education for kids and families. Bridge the Generations is a na- tional non-profit orga- nization that has been connecting artists with senior citizens - reach- ing over 1,500 seniors with personalized per- formances and artist residencies, carried out by artists from Broad- way, Nashville, LA, and beyond.

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butter; 3 lbs of bone- in, with skin, chicken; 2 yellow, medium size onions—chop into small pieces; 2 peeled, cut up very small cloves of garlic; 2 medium firm to- matoes—peel and take out seeds first; 3 tblspns finest, sweet Hungarian paprika –“Szeged” is excellent; 2 cups of re- ally good chicken broth –I prefer low sodium; about 1 ½ tspn salt; about ½ tspn black pep- per ground fresh; 3 tbl- spns of all-purpose flour; approx. ¾ cup of sour cream (not fat free); ¼ cup heavy sweet cream. –Some choose to add 1 diced red bell pepper; others choose to add some peeled, quartered white potatoes. But, that reflects the variety of re- gional choices and such additions are indeed op- tional.

Directions: Using a

sturdy pot, (that has a lid), melt butter and brown the washed and patted dry chicken pieces turning to make all sides golden brown. Remove all browned pieces of chicken on to a separate plate. In same pot, add tomatoes first, garlic next and then pepper, stirring about for approx. two or three minutes. Take the pot off the heat source then add and carefully stir in paprika, salt and pepper. Next, take chicken from plate to add to ingre-

dients in pot returned over heat. Then add the chicken broth. Be cer- tain chicken is nicely covered by all of the mixture. Bring to a boil. Next cover with lid. Turn heat down to medium, even low, if necessary, and allow to cook for at least 35 to 45 min- utes. Always do check by gently stirring with a good, wooden spoon to keep pieces from stick- ing to bottom of pot. Then, take out the now tender pieces of chicken carefully on to a plate.

Using a bowl, stir sour cream and sweet cream into the flour which cre- ates a smooth paste. While whisking the sauce gently, add and keep whisking the flour- two cream paste. You will see the sauce thick- ening as you then add the chicken pieces al- lowing all to simmer gently, ready finally, to serve.

Many prefer this fa-

vorite dish—even more than “goulash,” the other well-known ethnic dish from that region of Eu- rope. It is often served with a German side called “spaetzle,” a kind of soft noodle. Some like it with rice, or a favorite pasta, some with boiled or mashed potatoes. “Jo etvagyat” or “Bon Appetit.” Be safe and be well. ~ Ellie

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed

is strong enough. Og Mandino

Pg 20 • JUNE 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. ~ Tony Robbins

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