Summer GUIDE 2020 Messages from

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Dear Friends and Neigh- bors, Our beloved Peac- etown Summer Concert Series has been cancelled for the sea- son due to the Co- rona virus isolation and social distancing rules. We definitely support the efforts to keep ev- eryone safe during this uncertain time, but we look for- ward to the time when we can jam 1200 friends into Ives Park, hugging and dancing, talking and sing- ing, laughing and smiling, eating and toasting with a cold one. Those musical moments with fun bands creating good vibes will

be missed, but not to fear, the ever adjustable Peac- etown Creative Crew will be presenting the virtual Peacetown Summer Con- cert Series featuring all the bands that were scheduled to play dur- ing the sea- son, along with inter- views with the bands. We will also fea- ture a drum blessing each week with Onye

Onyemaechi; a Family Village will have Peace bags for kids; a visit from the Peacetown ‘Wizard of Wonder’, a featured fine artist of the week, spon- sor celebrations, our mo- ment of Silence with Mr. Music and the Magic Flute

JUNE 2020 By Jim Corbett ~

Magic, and a virtual bucket pass for the bands. It will be an all-purpose Com- munity Celebration of the Arts. So stayed tuned for something new, exciting and fun. I really appreciate the

Upbeat Times, because they emphasize the good that people do. The main- stream media sells papers with the philosophy, “if it bleeds it leads”, where as, the Upbeat Times says, “Where no bad news is… good news”. Peacetown is in agreement with the phi- losophy that there is more light than darkness in the world and the more we can shine our lights and en- courage others to do the same the better our world will be.

What a concept. Paul

Doyle has been 10 years ahead of his time, as we are all now coming to real- ize that the good is always with us, and the more we

celebrate that good, the more we get. Thank You Upbeat Times! So, the first virtual Peace- town Summer Concert will take place on June 10th and be broadcast every Wednesday at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00pm on the Peac- etown YouTube Channel. Opening the show will, be The Love Choir under the direction of Brother Jimmy Lovejoy. The headliner is The Pulsators, with our dear pal Johnny Campbell rockin’ on the drums and leading the band. Nishi will be our featured fine artist; we will celebrate our sponsor, Synergy So- lar; and don’t miss Peace- town’s Wizard of Wonder. Plus, we will have a vir- tual bucket pass for you to send monetary love to our musicians. You can sign up for a reminder at www. Let the Good Times Roll Again!

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • JUNE 2020 • Pg 15 Fun Facts & Trivia #3

Positivity Changes How Your Mind Works. Positivity means that we exchange a negative way of using our brain with a positive way of doing so. In this state, we are more inclined to see possibil- ities. It shifts the scope of the boundaries of your mind. The mind becomes more flexible.

Positivity builds resources; you are truly getting the best out of yourself. This means you show up entirely differently during events where others may have a hard time.

In Aleut language, Alaska means “object to which the action of the sea is directed.”

The 6 regions of Alaska are: South Central, Southeast, Interior, Southwest, North Slope and the

Aleutian Islands.

I had a great ‘70s. I survived it, and that’s always good news. ~ Jeff Bridges

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • JUNE 2020 • Pg 15

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