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Sonoma County, CA. ~ We raised our daugh- ters to be self-reliant, in- dependent and with the knowledge they could do anything they chose to do. We believe it’s the best way to raise any child. We also felt it was impor- tant to instill in them that girls can do anything boys can do. But of- ten the best lessons are

not taught but learned. We had two large

trees near our property

Summer GUIDE 2020 CENTURY FAMILY by Gabriel A. Fraire ~

line one on our land and one on the neighbors. One day we saw new neighbors moving in. I was sitting on the porch. There was a fence so I could not see but I heard to voices, a young boy and a young girls, sibliings. T he boy was excited and telling the girl how great trees were and he was go- ing to climb

this one to the top. But, he told his sister, “You stay here. Tree climbing

is for boys. And this is a big tree. Too big for any girl to climb.” I could hear him start-

ing to climb up the tree and the whole way up he kept bragging and almost teasing his sis- ter about how strong he was and how boys ruled. He climbed up about as far as he felt safe and stopped. He started to puff out his chest in pride when he looked into our tree and saw my oldest daughter sitting there watching him. He was so surprised to see her in the tree he lost balance and fell. Nothing got hurt in the fall, except maybe his pride. My daughter never

said a word. She turned her head in my direc- tion , saw me and just smiled.


Marinmoca Presents “Left Coast” An Exploration Of The West’s Magnetic Draw

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Pg 16 • JUNE 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

The above article is an

excerpt from my book: Daddy I Need to Go Potty The book is available at and

NOVATO, CA. ~ The Marin Museum of Con- temporary Art presents “Left Coast,” juried by gallerist Ken Harman Hashimoto. It features the work of 46 artists from across the country who are inspired by the ideology and allure of the West Coast. Although the museum is currently closed, viewers can ex- perience this exhibit via the “Virtual Tour” avail- able on the website at A video of the juror’s “Walk and Talk” through the gallery will be available online in mid-June. When storied newspa- perman Horace Greeley encouraged the coun- try to “Go West, Young Man” in the mid-1800s, he was speaking to the tenets of Manifest Des- tiny. The idealistic and controversial ideology behind this message resonated for decades after, though the lure of the “West Coast” has evolved over the gener- ations. Waves of migrants

have flowed west, seek- ing land, fortune and

work, including today’s current hopefuls working in tech, wine and the bur- geoning marijuana in- dustry. The longstanding magnetism of the West Coast is undeniable, but we will also catch a glimpse of some unfor- tunate consequences of such appeal. Mr. Hashimoto says

“This exhibition explores the appeal of the West Coast through the op- tics of contemporary art. From painting to drawing to photography to sculp- ture, the Left Coast has inspired as many artistic mediums and styles as it has historic movements and migrations. It is my hope that this exhibition will inspire viewers, as much as the Best Coast has inspired the many artists, poets, filmmak- ers, farmers, miners and workers throughout his- tory.”

The museum is cur-

rently closed, but the ex- hibit is installed through July 19. We hope to re- open to the public soon. Juror Ken Harman

Hashimoto is a gallerist, continued on page 23

It always seems impossible until it’s done. ~ Nelson Mandela

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