“Democracy is the worst form of government...apart from all the others.”

A typically pithy Sir Winston Churchill remark…and typically accurate.

For all its faults – and there are many, including the fact that it takes an age to get anything done and too much energy, time and money are wasted on infighting and looking blinkerdly inwards, starving the project in hand of precious time and resource – it is clear that, as that other great wordsmith John Fitzgerald Kennedy said: “Democracy has many failings, but you never had to build a wall to keep your people in.”

So mature is our Democracy that we, the voting taxpayers, even pay the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition as a job of work, day in and day out, to oppose Her Majesty’s Government.


So we should all take more than a passing interest as to who will be the next Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition. After all, we the taxpayers, regardless of whom we voted for at a General Election or whether or not we are Party members, pay for that person to do the job. Democratic tolerance in action I guess.

So a good look at the current situation regarding the Labour Party might be an intrusion into private grief, but is also our right to do so.

The main Opposition Party has major, possibly terminal, issues facing the next Leader. On 12th December last year they sank to their greatest electoral defeat since 1935. Northern and Midlands constituencies that have never ever voted Conservative not only did so, but (in an enormous V-sign to the present Labour Party, its leadership and its policies) did so in huge numbers.

The politburo at the head of the Party did not do the honourable thing and resign, but instead decreed there would be “a period of reflection” followed by Leadership and Deputy Leadership Elections concluding in April! Looking at the way the whole exercise has been dragging on, we may well ask which April?

Rule One of the Marxist Creed: once you get power, never ever let it go. (I shudder to think what would have happened to Democracy if Corbyn had actually become Prime Minister with a good majority). So spinning it all out would enable the Hard Left Party Bosses to get their placewomen or placemen into pole positions to continue and unassailably cement the take-over of a once-great Party.

So what has this “period of reflection” concluded?

• That essential to winning the next General Election is denying the existence of biological sex! • That a Labour Party-affiliated Women’s Group who wishes to

ban a man who is self-defining as a woman from a refuge for women who have been physically and mentally abused and worse by men, is condemned as a “transphobic hate group” and faces expulsion from the Labour Party. (I am NOT making this up!)

• That the majority of the Labour Party membership believes that embracing gender-driven identity politics will deliver electoral success. (Note to the Labour elite of Islington: in the Don Valley or Blyth, in West Bromwich or Stoke they do of course talk of little else!)

• That in the 120 years of its existence, the Labour Party has been in power for just 30 of them and nearly half of those (13) were delivered by the two men the Hard Left Politburo and their worshippers hate – Blair and Brown. Their vilification of these two (and especially the former who was the most successful Labour leader in history, having never lost an election) prevents them in their bigotry from analysing quite how they did it and from looking for what they can learn.

• That it’s a good idea swiftly and summarily to suspend Trevor Philips from Labour Party membership for alleged islamophobia, when it has taken literally years to reach the same stage with certain members for alleged anti-semitism. They even suggested in the letter informing him of this decision that he should not feel alone during the process, but can always go and seek help from his GP (!!) or the Citizens Advice Bureau or...the Samaritans! What??!! Being suspended from an asylum where the lunatics are now completely in charge will make you so depressed you may think about killing yourself will it??!! The letter also talks of protecting the reputation of the Labour Party; what reputation is that, exactly?

• That one candidate for the Deputy Leadership believes that our country should not go to war without a Labour Government obtaining the consent (stay with me, I’m not making this up) of the members of the Labour Party. Unbelievable! So a Labour Prime Minister would announce that, for example, some Middle East Dictator can carry on raping and murdering for a few more days because the Conference Centre in Brighton/Blackpool/ Birmingham isn’t available until a week on Wednesday!

• That one candidate for Leader gives Corbyn (who has lost two elections in two and a half years, including a record and humiliating defeat) ten out of ten!

• That nearly all the candidates for both positions believe that the election defeat was just to do with Brexit and that there was nothing wrong with the policies or leadership of the Party. (Note to members: the average, ordinary voter in the Midlands and the North whose family had voted Labour for generations showed last December that she or he will not vote for a Party that at least needs to answer questions about some members or policies which are anti-business or unpatriotic or anti-Semitic or Marxist ...or sometimes people or policies which have more than one of those traits.)



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