For some the word ‘aesthetics’ means absolutely nothing, for others it, quite literally, means everything. Take Gill’s experience for example,

“If I had read a review I would have been very sceptical, however, for me it did indeed change one aspect of my life.

“I have had to live with a large T shaped scar on my chest since a childhood operation and also with a scar across my neck from another operation. I was always very conscious of how prominent they were and aware that people would stare, making me feel very self-conscious. I had tried using concealing makeup but that was often very obvious and so I have spent my life in high necked clothes and scarves.


“I was very interested when I heard about a new treatment called Plexr and by this stage I would have tried anything. The treatment isn’t painful as a numbing cream is used. After the first treatment I noticed a really good improvement and after the second I could use makeup on the scars and they were invisible. I was delighted. I have now had a third treatment and feel confident enough to buy low necked tops and open necked shirts for the first time in my life. I still have to use makeup on some part of the chest scar but hope that it will fade even more. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.”

As Gill’s experience shows, when done well aesthetics greatly and positively impacts on the individual. Aesthetics is, therefore, all about empowering male and female clients; boosting their confidence and their self-esteem. Clients who choose to work with a reputable, medically-led clinic, a clinic who follow a ‘less is more’ ethos, will ensure that their clients leave feeling as good as they look and looking as good as they feel.

So what’s new in aesthetics? Well for the first time the trend for non-surgical treatments is outperforming surgical treatments. Why? Well one of the main benefits is that with non-surgical aesthetic treatments small yet significant changes can be actioned as opposed to large and drastic changes. Aesthetics also offers clients the ability to maintain that significant smaller change far more easily and far more cost-effectively too.

Many of the small yet significant changes I see are brought about by improving the foundation of it all – yes, I’m talking about improving the health of your skin. In the same way that we take care of our joints and our heart it really is time to start taking care of our skin. This can be done in a wide variety of ways including using clinical skin care, protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays and enjoying leading-edge treatments such as HydraFacialTM to name but a few.

Siân Lloyd shares her HydraFacialTM journey, “I had concerns about my skin. It was dehydrated and increasingly I’d got these pigmentations and I just felt that it was a bit dull. A very good friend of mine put me onto HydraFacialTM. Her skin looks brilliant and I wondered what HydraFacialTM could do for me. Well I’ve now had four HydraFacialTM treatments and I love them! My skin feels squeaky clean and I’ve decided to commit to a whole course of treatments. After six months of treatments my skin is going to be glowing!”

Siân is in extremely good company when it comes to other HydraFacialTM advocates. Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and Kate Winslet are also huge advocates of the treatment as is Liz whom I treated for skin pigmentation problems. Reflecting back on her HydraFacialTM treatment Elizabeth says, “Since the first one I have never looked back. Every time I come my skin improves. It’s become a lot brighter, the pig mentation is improving and I don’t have to wear anywhere as much make-up as I used too”.



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