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February, the month of romance. Not only do we have Valentine’s Day this month but a leap year, both traditional days to pop the question. This month we share some Valentine’s traditions from around the world, where the day is also extended to friends.

Continuing with the theme of love, you might not often associate this with carpets, but in this issue Harry Angel from Lemon Cleaning explains, ‘Why you should love your carpets’. Spring is also traditionally associated with ‘cleaning’ and after the wet and muddy winter that we are having, who has not looked at their carpets and thought they look a bit sorry? Apparently you cannot vacuum your carpet too often, and cleaning can also extend the life of your carpets.

Do you enjoy art? Quite often it is something that we all did at school but not since. Warminster Art Society welcomes everyone who loves art, from the complete beginner to the more experienced, and offers everyone the chance to learn new skills, try new mediums and also to exhibit their work. This year the Society will again be offering members the chance to visit local venues to paint outdoors. Turn to page 23 to find out how to get in touch with the club.

Don’t forget if you are a club, society or charity you can promote your forthcoming events in our ‘What’s On ‘ guide. Please email them in by the 4th of the month preceding for inclusion. This is subject to space, so the earlier you submit them the less likely they are to be missed out because we ran out of room. Turn to page 6 to discover what’s on locally in February and for half term, and then you can start planning your diary.


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IN THIS ISSUE 6 What’s on in February

10 Embracing retirement at Wadswick Green

12 Half term fun at Hope Nature Centre

14 Beat the burglar and stay safe in your own home

16 Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world

20 It’s been a hard winter for carpets, find out what you can do to give them some love

22 Warminster Art Society run by members for members

26 This month’s walk takes us to the outskirts of Devizes

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