5 Protect your valuables

Don’t leave items such as jewellery, electronics, money and wallets in clear view of your windows, especially if they face a road or walkway. Also remember to close your curtains or blinds at night, and when you go out during the day if it makes you feel more comfortable.

7 Intruder-proof your garden

A dark, overgrown garden with lots of furniture or shrubbery provides the perfect cover for a burglar. To avoid this, keep your garden or back yard neat and clear. Opt for gravel as a material for driveways or pathways as this is hard to walk on quietly. Also make sure nothing is left in the garden which could help somebody gain entry to your house, for instance chairs, ladders or metal tools, and ensure that garden sheds and storage units are kept locked.


6 Invest in a safe

An even better place to leave your belongings is a safe. This must be professionally fitted and attached to either the wall or the floor, otherwise a burglar might just take the whole thing. Coded safes work well but make sure you don’t write the code down anywhere it could be found.


Be cautious of strangers at your door

Criminals have been known to knock on people’s doors to suss out whether anyone is home, how much security a house has or whether there are valuables inside. Never let a stranger enter your home if you are alone, and only open the door if you have a security chain in place. If somebody knocks asking for help, it is best to contact the police for advice. If somebody comes to your door asking you to make a donation, sign a contract or purchase something, do not share any personal information with them until you have reviewed the situation and discussed it with someone you trust.


Make sure deliveries really are in a ‘safe place’

Install lights and/or cameras

Motion censored lights are particularly good at deterring thieves and will alert you if there is somebody present, although remember that they can be turned on by pets or wildlife. Smart lights can be turned on from your phone and any other sort of night light will make it more difficult for an intruder to enter your house without you or somebody else noticing. Having a visible security camera on the side of your house also increases security whilst acting as deterrence, and can be linked to your phone.

If you are having items delivered to your house when you’re not going to be there to collect them, always choose for them to be signed for or left with a neighbour rather than having them left in a ‘safe place’. Parcels left outside your door, in a bin or in an external building can be easily taken.

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