Winter can be a hard time for your carpets Harry Angel of Wiltshire based Lemon Cleaning

shares some top tips on how to ‘love’ your carpets.

Carpets are often one of the most expensive items in the home, but with good care

they will give many years of serviceable use. Proper care and maintenance of your carpet will extend its useful life and preserve its appearance longer. Failure to maintain proper care will result in premature wear.

During winter your carpets have to cope with the increased mud and dirt being carried in on people’s shoes, and this can cause damage. If you continue to bring dirt in, it will go deeper into the pile and every time you walk on the carpet the friction from the dirt and grit eventually severs the fibres making the carpet go bald and flat.

As you enter your house, changing your outdoor shoes to indoor ones is a great idea as this will stop you bringing the outside dirt in. However, it might not be you making the carpet dirty.

When anyone walks on the carpet whilst wearing regular shoes, any dirt on those shoes will be forced into the carpet. The more walking done, the more forcefully the dirt is pushed into the carpet. Even reasonably clean shoes will press existing debris into the backing of your carpets.

If someone does leave you with muddy footprints to cope with, let the mud dry fully and then vacuum it up to remove any leftover residue.

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To help reduce the amount of everyday grit and dirt going into the carpet you should vacuum regularly.

Sorry but there is no such thing as too much vacuuming, as you won’t damage the carpet pile. For me, the best type of vacuum cleaner has a rotary brush which disturbs the dirt and moves the pile to get a cleaner carpet. When vacuuming it is best to go with the direction of the pile.

One question I am frequently asked is what should be done in the event of a spill? It doesn’t matter whether it is a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a pet accident the same steps apply.

Soak up the majority of the liquid with a tea towel or clean cloth straightaway. Don’t rub or agitate it, because the more it’s rubbed the further into the pile the liquid will go, which in turn increases the risk

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