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of permanently staining the carpet. Soak up as much as possible and then call a professional ASAP.

The reason why I recommend getting a professional in, whether to cope with the aftermath of an accident or for routine cleaning, is because if you’re not trained in carpet and upholstery cleaning you can damage carpets and upholstery by overusing chemicals or over wetting the material, permanently ruining them. Carpets are an expensive investment and as all materials are not equal, they should be cleaned with care and attention. When using a professional, you have the additional confidence that they are fully trained and insured.

Another popular question is, will professional cleaning raise the pile in high traffic areas? The short answer for this is yes but depending on the material of the carpet, as some will raise more than others. For example, wool carpets are a natural fibre

and when cleaned lift better than a fully synthetic carpet. Synthetic carpets tend to stay crushed and flat because they don’t have the elasticity that wool carpets possess.

Cleaning carpets will help to extend their life, it is recommended that you have them cleaned every six months but at least once a year as a minimum. It’s more sanitary and hygienic to have them cleaned more often, particularly if you have small or young children crawling around and playing on the floor, or you like sitting on the floor.”

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Lemon Cleaning is a local independent cleaning company based in Calne in Wiltshire providing commercial and domestic cleaning services throughout Berkshire,

Dorset, Hampshire, London,

Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey, Wiltshire and West Sussex.

Fully trained staff, top of the range machinery and all at affordable prices.

 Offering full assurance in all our services:

 Up to £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance

 Over 13 years experience in cleaning services

 Fixed Prices and No Hidden Fees

 Proud user of UK leading Prochem Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals

 Eco-friendly, pet and child-safe detergents

Our services include the following:

 Carpet Cleaning

 Hard Floor Cleaning & Restoration

 Upholstery Cleaning Before

 End of Tenancy Cleaning  Oven Cleaning  Rug Cleaning And more...

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