26 September 2019 Halesworth & Southwold Community News

Exhibition and Wine Tasting at Halesworth Gallery

FRIDAY 27th September sees the opening of a collaborative venture between Halesworth Gallery and


Vineyards in Wissett. Since

February 15th

Farm local

artists have been visiting the vineyards and responding visually to the changing shapes and colours of the vines and recording the landscape through the varying seasons and weather conditions. The results they have produced will be unveilled at a Wine tasting and preview evening at the gallery.

Work has been produced in a variety of media including textiles, clay, paint and print. Meet the artists and Vineyard owners, Elaine and Vanessa, and enjoy sampling one of their four varieties of wine. Tickets for this event are available at a cost of £5 from the gallery or you can reserve by ringing 01502 478065.

The exhibition is free and will be open every day between 11am and 5pm from September 28th to October 6th.

THE two recent events held at the Pit Stop community café on Southwold Common have both been raging successes. On Sunday

4th the Charity Cream

August Tea

masterminded by Pit Stop stalwart Kelly Masters, raised a stonking £300, meaning that there was £150 each for the two nominated local good causes – ‘Stomp’, the kids’ dance group, and the Scout Hut. Both were very glad indeed to receive the financial boost.

In addition to scrumptious scones, courtesy

of Ruth

Chapman and John Huggins, there were elegant cucumber sandwiches and lashings of real tea served in china cups. Very posh. Throughout the afternoon, visitors were treated to

a fantastic performance

PIT STOP EVENTS HIT A HIGH NOTE Hope and Aid Direct Libyan

by the amazing ‘Ukes of Southwold’, who these days have added a range of bells and whistles and various hooters to enhance the sound of their strings. Their 2019 repertoire includes much-loved standards as well as some unexpected stuff. We even heard


gravelly tones of Johnny Cash at some point – great fun. On the following Sunday

11th August, the music was the focus, with some terrific sets by ‘Cool and Blue’, a

instrumentalists and vocalists playing great

very talented the


bunch of

American Songbook.

Attendance was very good, in fact people kept pouring in all afternoon to hear the sounds and to enjoy the delicious barbecue so ably produced by Laura and Robbie, the

of the

wizards of the grill. This event showcased exactly what the Pit Stop is so good at – feeding and entertaining people from 2 to 92. The band was not only appreciated by the older generation

– yes, even jazz Unit 15, Halesworth Business Park, Halesworth IP19 8QJ

appeals across the board. As well as, or maybe instead of the barbecue, alternative food was being rustled up in the kitchen by Kelly and Hannah. There was something for all tastes - even if it was just a quick ice cream enjoyed by the dozens of kids who took time off from racing about the tennis courts on the Pit Stop’s bikes, scooters and pedal cars to cool down. For some people (no names, no pack drill) it was a big ol’ slice of proper Pit Stop home-made cake and a welcome cup of tea. Big thanks to everyone who came and made both days such successes – we’ll do it all again next year, so plan to be there. In the meantime – two dates for your diaries. Saturday 28th September from 11am, the Macmillan

Coffee Morning

will be raising money for this wonderful charity, and Friday 25th October from 2pm, the Pit Stop’s legendary Halloween Party. Spookiness guaranteed.

Joan Cupples, Pit Stop publicity volunteer WHO’S SLEEPING

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From the

Alfred Corry Lifeboat Museum

OUR big fund raising weekend will be at the end of August but, as I am writing this at the beginning of the month, I can only say that we hope you came and joined in the fun and thank you for helping to ensure its success. I have appealed previously for gifts of good quality paperback books which are popular with holiday makers, and I would like to say a special thank you to Southwold Library and to the organisers of the St Lawrence Church Flower Festival and sale for their gift of paperbacks. Our shelves are now refreshed and well stocked. July proved a very busy mixed month, including the hottest day ever recorded in the UK – phew! But sadly, there were one or two occasions when we were unable to open due to staffing problems. We have a wonderful crew of loyal stewards but like the rest of us, they have personal and family crises, and occasionally we are unable to fill the gap. So we would like to welcome some newcomers.

You have

been very kind in responding to appeals in the past, so I am going to make another. If you enjoy companionship and meeting people, and are interested in local history, would you consider offering us two or three hours occasionally? Our stewards ‘meet and greet’ visitors and are much appreciated as comments in our visitors book demonstrate. You would not be thrown in at the deep end, and we would teach

AS we follow the News, am I the only one who thinks the world has gone mad? Treaties have been torn up, tariffs imposed leading to trade wars, and now, currency wars: sanctions which affect the living standards of nations and lead to terrible inflation have been imposed arbitrarily, resulting in retaliation such as we are seeing in the Straits of Hormuz. As the world’s population grows inexorably, and as governments become increasingly extreme right wing or left wing, we see clear evidence of the discontent of the younger generation with riots in Hong Kong and even in Moscow! Meanwhile the migration/refugee problem gets worse.

Hope and Aid Direct is

mainly concerned with refugees in Europe, but has also sent aid and volunteers to Syria, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. We tend to overlook the 1 million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh; those in Sudan, Venezuela and Central America. Despite impassioned pleas by the Secretary General of the UN, and the magnificent work

individual countries are putting up


done by shutters


UNHCR, saying

‘there is no room in the inn’. Co-operation between states is disappearing and, to us, it is all too reminiscent of 1939. We remember that haunting song made famous by Marlene Dietrich: ‘Where have all the flowers gone? Where have all the young men gone? When will they ever learn?: when will they ever learn?’

Recently there has been mention in the press and media of the refugee situation in the Mediterranean, but these have just been routine reports, hidden away in the inner pages: what we need is international action. The Daily Telegraph has reported that a German charity Sea Eye which keeps a rescue ship, the Alan Kurdi in the Mediterranean, had landed 40 rescued migrants in Malta, and that they would be received by EU member states. The ship had first sailed to Lampedusa in southern Italy but Matteo Salvini, the ultra-right wing Italian Interior Minister had banned it from Italian waters.

you and ease you in by working with an experienced steward at first. We welcome ladies and gentlemen of all ages: after all, we ‘oldies’ are only recycled teen agers! Above all it is fun! Please let us hear from you! I have written before about touch cards. We are still examining the matter and have heard of similar small museums which have installed the equipment only to find that the costs of rental of the equipment, the fee deducted from each donation, and the cost of insurance, add up to considerably more than they have collected in donations! Undoubtedly it is for the future, but for the present we shall rely on our visitors making cash donations. Our Treasurer tells me that it costs £500 per month, or £115 per week, just to keep the museum open. This covers insurance, electricity, telephone,


Then they reported that the


recovered scores of bodies the day after an estimated 150 souls had drowned out of 350 who had been on board when their boats capsized. The same paper also reported that 116 migrants who had been rescued and transferred at sea to an Italian coastguard vessel which had then been kept at sea off Sicily, had finally been allowed to dock as Germany, Portugal, France, Luxembourg and Ireland (but not the UK!) had offered to welcome them, and several Italian bishops had offered accommodation. Finally, on August 7th it was reported that Matteo Salvini had persuaded the Italian parliament to pass a bill that threatens the Captains

of rescue (£920,000),

with fines of up to 1 million Euros


vessels the

confiscation of their vessels, if they enter Italian ports without permission.

The EU has joined Libya in trying to stop migrants making the dangerous journey by sea to Europe. Human Rights groups have said that this has left migrants at the mercy of brutal armed groups, or confined in squalid detention centres. We do not underestimate the problems but find our attitude to immigration strangely selective since our


Minister, Foreign Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary and many Ministers and MPs, are all from immigrant families, many of whom arrived penniless. It sounds to me a little like ‘Blow you Jack, I’m all right!’ On a happier note I am very pleased to tell you that the Reverend Alan Perry, Team Vicar of St Margaret’s, Reydon, has

kindly invited Charles,

who founded Hope and Aid Direct, to speak during the 11am service on Sunday 29th September. This will be just a short while before the next convoy departs. We shall make every effort to be in church – in’sh’allah! Let us thank God for the Good Samaritans, both on sea and land, who will defy authority to ensure that their fellow human beings are not forgotten.

Margaret and Jack Storer

rent and rates, the cost of school educational packs, and routine maintenance. Old buildings, especially those close to the sea, are expensive to maintain - just like old people, and I speak with authority on the subject! Thank you for all your support over the years. We are putting all our effort into completing the extension and to keeping the museum the unique, exciting place it is. Please come and join us if you can. Our Curator is still hoping to hear who the Southwold Mudlarks were? Finally, in the normal course of events we should be hosting the Harvest Festival Blessing of the Nets service in September. However, in view of the work on our extension it has been agreed that we shall opt out this year and hope to host the service in 2010.

Jack Storer – Trustee

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