This first book, by local Cumbrian author Tom McMullen, helpfully contains all three books of the trilogy in one single volume and is a grittily realistic account of tribal life on the Great Plains of North America in the mid- 1850s.

cheyenne trilogy: between the rivers ~ BOOK REVIEW ~

There is a Cumbrian character in the book too – an Army officer (from a Border Reiver family) attached to the US Cavalry who gives an English point of view, as they ride to meet the Cheyenne in battle.

For those of you expecting this to be a classic ‘Western’ this may not be for you. There are no square-jawed heroes, no duels with blazing six guns and very little in the way of happy endings. It is a novel with a real historical and cultural background, that deals unflinchingly with the vagaries of the subsistence hunter and warfare lifestyles of a small band (the Suhtai) of the Cheyenne nation.

ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL A new exhibition at Percy House by textile artist Angie Flynn Saturday 31st August - 30th September

PERCY HOUSE GALLERY 38-42 Market Place, Cockermouth

01900 829 667

“This new exhibition of work is based on people and animals and our relationship with them. Being inspired by people around me and translating the ideas with fabric, paper, paint and stitch is an ongoing journey.

“I like the speed and painterly qualities

that my sewing

machine allows me to achieve. Applying paint on fabric and then stitching to create line, is like using the machine as a means of drawing.

“Working with papier-mâché and air drying clay is another discipline and a technique that

Percy House l love, incorporating papers, fabric and paint.

Observations of everyday situations are caught up in my work as a reminder for the viewer. I want them to identify with it, to feel familiar and to hopefully make them.” INFO@COCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK

The central focus is a young flawed warrior – one-eyed, petulant and impulsive and his friendship with an older but far more deadly, White Mountain Apache. With their people devastated by a tragedy that requires revenge and inroads into their sacred country by white soldiers – the Suhtai Cheyenne must overcome hardships and sorrow, overturn traditions, rebuild their lives and seek a blood price.

Written long before the #MeToo movement, the author explores the emerging role of women in the tribe, not just as homemakers and child bearers but as warriors who will fight.

Tom McMullen has travelled extensively in the American

West. He has ridden in Wyoming, explored battle sites in Montana and Texas, followed Apache trails in Arizona and walked in the pioneer wagon ruts still visible in Nebraska.

The book is published on Amazon Kindle Direct and is available in paperback.

The author is available to speak on the American West to groups or clubs and would be happy to send you the book link direct if you email him. f=docs-os-doi_0

MADE IN COCKERMOUTH PARK Sporting facilities and a well-used riverside path have been upgraded as part of a £40,000 investment into a popular park.


Allerdale Borough Council have funded the programme of works in Harris Park, Cockermouth, one of the green spaces which the authority runs.

The park’s two tennis courts have been resurfaced after the previous tarmac flooring had worn away and become damaged.

The courts have been re-tarmacked with a top- quality Placourt surface and finished with a colourful acrylic coating and line markings. New nets have also been installed.

Part of the park project was to reinstate the badly eroded path along the river Cocker, which had been damaged by erosion. A new tarmac path has been constructed to replace the previous path, with the new one following a gently curved route, set well back from the river.

Both the courts and the path are now open for the public to use.

A total of £27,000 was spent on the court renovations and a further £13,000 was allocated for the works on the river path.

The works are part of the council’s ongoing commitment to provide good leisure facilities across the borough for residents and visitors of all ages.

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