Skiddaw at 3053 feet is the fourth highest peak in Lakeland and on a clear day, is visible from most of our region’s towns and villages. The summit is buttressed magnificently by a group of lesser heights, all of them members of the proud Skiddaw family consisting of Bakestall, Ullock Pike, Long Side, Carl Side, Dodd, Lonscale Fell, Skiddaw Little Man and Lesser Man, Latrigg with other junior hills and crags alongside including Jenkin Hill, Sale How, Hare Crag, Broad End, Cockup, Carsleddam and Randel Crag. The Skiddaw Group forms a splendid and complete example of the structure of mountains. Its lines are smooth, it’s curves graceful – we are fortunate to have this towering giant nearby.

This month, I’ve chosen my favourite Skiddaw ascent and descent routes via some of these ‘family summits’ and I’ve added one that I have recently tried that meanders with a few changes of direction here and there that might come as a surprise to some readers. Here goes!

The view of Burnt Horse from Lonscale Pike is great but it’s an ‘about turn’ to arrive at Lonscale Fell summit [2344 feet]. Next stop is Skiddaw Little Man, 1.5 miles away with Skiddaw beyond. The path from Lonscale Fell is on grass until the main route to Skiddaw and Little Man from Gale Road is reached. From here the busy route to both summits is taken before the return to Gale Road. This too is a long expedition of nearly 10 miles. To assist with route planning view this website via

Ullock Pike and Longside Edge

160 feet to Carl Side [2447 feet]. Then, continue down the path descending north west to Long Side [2405 feet] Ullock Pike [2230 feet and Watches [1093 feet] which as a mini summit of rocks in contrast to the grassy slopes nearby. Head downhill to High Side or Barkbeth to return to Peter house Farm.

These two walks can be combined to create a single expedition of almost 9 miles. Have a look at this website to view the route – http://www.lakedistrict- .

Burnt Horse

These are strenuous walks – so prepare well and ensure that weather conditions are suitable. Stay safe! I suggest using OS Explorer Maps OL4 [The English Lakes, North West Area], Alfred Wainwright’s Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland fells – Book 5 [The Northern Fells] – focussing on Skiddaw, Skiddaw Little Man and Lonscale Fell pages and the websites referred to above.

View from Bakestall summit Favourite Route up – via Dash Falls and Bakestall.

Starting from the parking area near Peter House Farm on the High Side to Orthwaite Road [Grid Ref NY 249323] head south west briefly to reach the track/road to Skiddaw House. Turn left here and head south east for approximately 1 mile to pass the impressive Dead Crags on your right and Dash Falls on the left. Just beyond here is a path on the right, ‘Birkett Edge’, that rises to Bakestall [2208 feet]. From here, head SSW alongside the fence to the North Col and on to Skiddaw summit.

Favourite Route down – via the Ullock Pike and Longside Edge

From the shelter on Skiddaw’s middle summit, go down the loose and stony path south west to the col with Carlside Tarn nearby before the short ascent of

WWW.COCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK Lonscale Pike and Burnt Horse Lonscale Fell and Burnt Horse Route

This is a route that I have recently tried and enjoyed, starting from Gale Road, Car Parking Area, near Latrigg. [Grid Reference NY281254].

Go through the gates and alongside the wall to bear right away from the main Skiddaw route to lose height initially to a crossing of Whit Beck. Follow this path which is part of the Cumbria Way around the lower slopes of Lonscale Fell with Glenderaterra Beck down below. Follow this path for approximately 1.5 miles until you reach a gate and stone wall with Skiddaw House beyond. Just in front of the gate there is a path on the left which ascends Lonscale fell via the Burnt Horse ridge. This is an interesting climb with great views of Blencathra, Great Calva and the valley below.

Skiddaw and Little Man from Lonscale Fell

Skiddaw walks have always been enjoyable and there have been many special moments including the inversion experience on 23rd December 2006. Frances captured this image of me at Skiddaw summit with Blencathra beyond – I look ‘absolutely gobsmacked’.

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Absolutely Gobsmacked!

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