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SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ Pizza fans in the community are in- vited to celebrate the return of Mountain Mike’s Pizza in Santa Rosa. Reopening fol- lowing the 2017 Tubbs Fire, the newer, larger location is Now open once again! The fire affected so many people and so many businesses that Up- beat Times wants to share sto- ries of those that have returned after all the challenges and setbacks. We salute Mountain Mikes and the Chandi Hospi- tality Group for their strength during the last several years. We know it has been hard on a lot of other business people and home owners. If you have

a positive story about how you've come back even stron- ger than ever after the fires, Upbeat Times wants to know about it. Send to: upbeat@up- Even if it is just a picture. Bring a copy of the Upbeat Times and have a pic- ture taken in front of your new building and or home hold the paper. Write a short caption or a few words, or up to 400 words of how you've come back from a true challenge. You may inspire someone or many! The new re-opening is located at: 3125 Cleveland Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95403 Phone: 707-595-6505 Your support is appreciated!

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