Thank you for Reading UP! Movies in the Park Very Upbeat!

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ This fun-lov- ing event series is back in Howarth Park for a not he r se a so n ! Bring


family, a picnic and a


ket for a lovely evening of film-enjoy- ment under the stars in our park!

Schedule Friday Nights: August 16 - Sep- tember 20, 2019. Movie starts at dusk (approximately 8pm in Au- gust and 7:45pm in September)

What's Playing August 16 - Wonder Park August 23 - Captain Marvel August 30 - The LEGO Movie 2 September 6 - Ralph Breaks the Internet September 13 - The Incredibles 2 September 20 - Dumbo

The movies will be playing on the

lower lawn by the Land of Imagi- nation Playground. We will have a seating area up front for peo- ple with blan - kets. Y o u

may bring a chair with you if you would like, but we will seat you further back or to the sides so that we can make the screen visible and the movie enjoyable for as many people as possible!

Before the Featured Movie Pre- sentation they will have vendors selling food on the lower lawn. If you have a business that is inter- ested in providing food services please contact us via email.

Movies in the Park, 630 Sum- merfield Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 ~ 707-543-3298 ~

Our September Upbeat Arrives Sepember 3rd!

Never Too Old! Mike's 50th Anniversary Run! By Laurie Wachter, Council on Aging, Sonoma Seniors Today Editor

Sonoma County, CA. ~ It’s Mike Fanelli’s 50th Anniver- sary! Not his Wedding Anni- versary - but the number of years he's been a competitive

ner. Sonoma Wine Country Games (SWCC) was his first competition in 2019 and the first of his 50th year of competing. “Very few people

been able to com- pete for 50 consec- utive years in their sport,” he says. “Many do their sport for 50 years, but usually have to take time away to have a child, meet work commitments or recover from an injury.” Mike started counting the

number of years, miles and races when he was 15. “I’ve kept track of my training every single day,” he says. He’s com-

have run-

peted in more than 1000 races, from 200 meters to 100 miles – which he did in 16 hours and 14 minutes. He’s also tracked

“The 1968 Olympic Games were a big inspiration for me.” He has coached 14 US Olym- pic Trials qualifiers, a US National Cham- pion and the US National Track & Field Team in 1992, 1996 and 2000. He also spent 17 years in

the number of races he’s won - more than 100, including being two-time champion of the San Francisco Pacific Rim Marathon. “I’ve run 110,600 miles around the world,” he tells me. “Reaching 100,000 was a big goal. I can’t wait to reach 111,111 miles!”

down inside and tapping into yourself mentally and physi- cally to deal with the discom- fort. I taught and coached ath- letes on the inner part of the sport. The psychology of rec- ognizing that the discomfort is temporary.”

for those who of you can’t get started running. “Put bus fare in your pocket and tell yourself, 'if I don’t feel like running after 15 minutes, I'll stop and take the bus home," he advises. It’s like the theory of relativity – once you get go- ing, you keep going." As SWCC race day ap- proached, he had to reach deep to deal with the pain of recurring foot problems. “I wasn't going to let a balky foot get in the way,” he says. “An opportunity as wonder- ful as SWCC doesn't come around that often.” The race went off without a hitch and Mike reached his goal of 50 consecutive years of lacing up and stepping onto the starting line. A proud accomplishment indeed.

Games brings together senior athletes from across the coun- try to compete in sporting events that promote healthy and happy aging.

For more information, contact SWCC Volunteer Coordina- tor, Leigh Galten at lgalten@ or (707) 525-0143, ext. 121. Or visit

Pg 32 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • AUGUST 2019 “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” ~Dean Karnazes Sonoma Wine Country Mike's advice

ing, doing athletes’ deals and market- ing for Reebok. “I don’t like to run,” he confides, “but I like to compete. I like the pressure: when the gun goes off, reaching deep

sports market-

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