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By Zak Zaikine of Sebastopol, CA. ~ ~ Charting editor: Allison Campbell ello


and that this Mer- cury


just served as a nice slow up for you. The bumps and hiccups in the whirring machines

chatter were

hopefully just a source of eye rolling groans and chuckles. I

myself had a organic

kind retrograde; the-closing- of-one-thing

and the-open-

ing-of- another/ the light and shadow /the Yin and Yang of things. All this has got me thinking about our friend Leo a little differently this year.

I last left you

sitting on a bench wiggling my eye- brows thinking about pride and how you choose to


you are all enjoying these high summer days

in Leo there is also an equal amount of gorgeous generos- ity; a simple and life giving sun beam that is effortless and just plain IS. As that saying goes, the sun never sends you a bill.

So, tradition- ally a masculine sign, Leo the lion, king of the beasts, regal

in its’ rul-

ership under the Sun-father. The very picture


prestige and power, right? Power seems to be on a dif- ferent stage these days. How is it being used? What is our source of power macro/micro and how are we do- ing with it? Who did we give it to? Are we over? Under? Full? How do we get it back?

Leo the consum-

mate performer gives us this power-ful PLAY


“strut your stuff”. While there is a bounty of swagger

Whether it be your sun sign or acting out in your chart, it’s

One of the most tragic things I know

about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the

horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows

today. Dale Carnegie

TJ Lowe Spotted at the Harvest Fair 2017 A

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promotes bands, concerts, festivals and events.

(707) 529-0816 A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world. ~ Leo Buscaglia

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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • AUGUST 2019 • Pg 31 experience. Laughing Matter ...continued from page 25

giving you the front row seat to observe both the front and back of the – strutting some- thing. You get to witness, imagine, play-at this because of the stage, the sensual focus of theatrics and a super strong tech crew. It is also a well- known fact that the lioness does a majority of the hunting for the pride. The pride is the show/ the more than the sum total of our parts, our commu- nity, our biome, 23 and Me… phhheww !! Heady-already stuff. Okay

it’s getting hot. time to go in. A nice sweet, cool, fizzy something, I think.

In a few weeks we will be heading into the beautiful, sweet fields of Virgo, who in the rulership of Mercury can do a whole lot better job of this thinking stuff. So we can do the proper write up then. For now, heads off! Hearts on! Let’s enjoy the show. Happy birthday

courageous thespi-

ans and you precise virgins of experience. Happy flowers, fountains and BBQ everyone!

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Weird Facts & Trivia - 6

In August of 1969 - The Apollo 11 astronauts were released from a three week quarantine to enjoy a ticker tape parade in New York, New York.

At one time the U.S. Board on Geographic Names defined a mountain as being 1,000 feet (300 m) or taller, but has abandoned the definition since the 1970s. Any simi- lar landform lower than this height was considered a hill.

The volcanic mountain known as Olympus Mons on planet Mars reaches a towering 16 miles high and spreads to 341 miles at its base. Mars does not have tectonic plate movement on the planet’s surface like Earth does. This means the magma hotspot underneath Olympus Mons remains fixed, allowing for repeated lava flows that have built on top of each other over time.

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Zak Zaikine

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