Juicy Tales

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Cork- screw ~ The highly improba- ble, but occasionally true, tale of a professional wine buyer. I’m glad I lived long enough to read this one… This is the funniest book I’ve ever, ever laugh-out-loud read. I thought I was telling

tales when I

wrote Road Warrior Survival Guide… Doesn’t even hold a candle to what I just finished reading.

Corkscrew, The highly im- probably, but occasionally true, tale of a professional wine buyer. I can promise you, you don’t know anyone who’s more funny… Entertaining to the Nth degree, really jolly. If

Corkscrew, by Peter Stafford-Bow, a Wine Buyer, Through his Lens

there’s a glass ceiling for how much you can laugh while reading a book, Peter Stafford-Bow has broken it. You can’t antici- pate any of it, your eyes will bug out of your head as you read it. You’ll wonder, how will he get himself out of this one? You’ve just got to read it to under- stand that


not joshing you. This book is hysterical, as he nails his

By Jo Diaz of Gyserville, CA. • characters

characters with great depth of understanding and humor. As I was reading the book, I went over some- thing in my mind of something I recently thought … The line, “The names

been changed to protect cent.”


Names are always changed to

the author from the guilty

party’s law-

suits. And, there are some pretty intriguing

have inno-

Really… protect

within this story

that I’d want to protect myself from, too. I remember walk- ing into a wholesaler’s ware- house once, whose walls were “six feet thick,” they declared. It took me about a half hour to first find the place, as I went around and around a block, not even seeing the ware- house… It was right there, but I couldn’t see it. Someone had to come outside and guide me in. Yeah… like that.

About The Author This is Peter Stafford-Bow’s first novel, and if this is his first, I’m first in line for his

next. Writing and publishing a book is so much more than thinking it, writing it, and vi- ola! It does take a lot of time. I’ll be patient, sorta. Peter has had decades of in international


wine trade, and he’s worked for some of the largest retail- ers in the world. He’s been to every major wine region, and tasted wines that most of us don’t even yet know ex- ist. He’s writing under an as- sumed name to avoid anyone realizing that they might be a character of interest.

When the Nobel Peace Prize Committee

designated me the recipient of the 1970 award for my contribution to the 'green revolution,' they were in effect, I believe,

selecting an individual to

symbolize the vital role of agriculture and food produc-

tion in a world that is hungry, both for

bread and for peace. Norman Borlaug

Pg 20 • AUGUST 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. This creed of the desert seemed inexpressible in words, and indeed in thought. ~T. E. Lawrence

Jo Diaz

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