The UPBEAT Café 5th Annual A Little Humor Goes a Long Way!

TMTM by Paul Andrew Doyle, Founder, Owner, Publisher & Chief delivery guy ~

Sonoma, County, CA. ~ For those of you who don't know me, I joke around a lot.


mean, a lot. Sometimes I am successful, and sometimes I'm not, and I know it. But, I do have to admit, it's a lot of fun when you catch people by sur- prise and off guard. I feel sort of like a Candid Camera guy. I've put myself in situations that I've wanted to get out of from time to time and used humor as my excuse for why I said what I said. It's takes a lot of trial and error before one learns to say the right thing in just about any given circum- stance. I test it out as much as I can get away with. In this paper I tend to stay away from the humor all the time content. It might be a bit overwhelm- ing to some. I recently watched a You- tube video of Robin Williams on the Johnny Carson Show from back in 1991. Robin Wil- liams probably was one of the funnier comedians of all time, to me anyway. I have to ad- mit, I miss laughing that hard at someones offhand humor. Way out there...but, the funny thing

is...I understood

yourself, not only in swimming,

enjoying it, don't do it. Life's

too short. Debbie Meyer

A book is kind of like a river; I simply jump in and start swimming. ~ Melody Carlson

but in life itself. You always have to have fun. You have to have an open mind. If you're not

Believe in his

sense of humor. I first discov- ered him on Mork & Mindy. It was a great sitcom about a guy starring Robin Williams as Mork, an extraterrestrial who comes to Earth from the planet Ork in a small, one-Or- kan egg-shaped spaceship. The sitcom ran from 1978 to 1982. I couldn't wait to see it each time it appeared. As a young kid, and still even now, I love humor. I can be pretty good from time to time, and it's a great way to break the ice in just about any situation. For a time I went to a com- in Marin County,

edy class

and I think I wrote about it in the past, but trying to come up with something funny to say that makes sense is a real chal- lenge. The more I practice, the easier it seems to get. In my younger days (and

I'm still very young at 55), I would meet friends at places to get out at night. Sometimes to have a beer and to see or even play music with bands. There was this venue where you had to wait in line, and if there was space inside they'd let you in. I had been in line and my friends had been in

the place for some time. Half an hour later I was at the front of the line. And, like always, at these venues the propri- etors

of the establishment

would have a massive foot- ball-weightlifting-laviathon of a person as a bouncer making sure all were behaving well. I was behaving, but I had a little trouble-making itch because the bouncer, around six foot five, 260 pounds, was kind of rude to people. I always thought that the customer de- serves a bit of respect and a bit of friendliness, which in turn makes them want to go back to spend more money. So, fi- nally there I am, and the place is packed. The guy says, "It will be about another 10-15 minutes before we let any- one in". I'm thinking, 'Man, you've got to be kidding!'. And just as I'm thinking this, one of my friends from inside sees me from inside and says, "Doyle! Whats taking you so long!?" I say to the bouncer, "Hey there's my friend!" And he says, "You're gonna have to wait just like everybody else!" Then in a flash, this obnox- ious thought crosses my mind,

and I'm only, what, five-foot- ten?

I say, (not really wish- ing for a death sentence, but just a few words of thought provoking humorous jest and blurt out: "If you don't get out of my way, what's you name, Ted, o, right..." and I hesitated and his feathers stood straight up, like a turkey does when you approach their harem, and his shoulders rose up as if to pounce! I then said, in a split second after I saw my life pass before my eyes..."I'll wait 'till you do!!" And I smiled. His shoulder lowered as fast as they rose. He looks down at me, smiles, and slaps me on the back and says, "Get in there!" I said thank you and went on in and turned around and looked back and he was shaking his head.

Violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists (adults and students) — join us to play Bach pieces from the Suzuki books and other pieces, including the famous Bach Double Violin Concerto.

in the establishment at a dif- ferent post and I come up to him and say, "Thanks Ted, I know you had to go by the rules and I appreciate it. I'm having a great time!" He says, "Your welcome! That was a close one!" & I laughed. He says, "You come by anytime

RSVP or get more info by calling:

Joella Olsen, 707-836-0816

Made possible by the Raven Performing Arts Theater. ...continued on page 30 $ 10 OFF

Any bill $30 or more with receive $10 OFF entiire bill. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid on Lunch specials. Expires 8/30/19

Order 1 entree & 2 beverages and receive 2nd entree FREE of equal or lesser value. Not valid with any other offer. Exp 8/30/19

2 for 1 Mon - Friday 11:30-3pm & 4:30-9pm

Sat-Sun -12pm-9pm Santa Rosa location closed on Mondays!

6961 Sebastopol Ave Sebastopol • 707-829-8889 2478 W. Third 3rd St. Santa Rosa • 707-575-9296

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115 North St. Healdsburg 707.433.6335

Bach Jam!

Letters to the Publisher:

Paul - thank you so much for running the Bach Jam poster in the Upbeat Times. I heard from several people who saw it in your paper.

I Wed, July 17, 2019

truly appreciate your dona- tion. The Bach Jam is an all volunteer event. It happens once a year and is an oppor- tunity for classical musicians of all ages to come together to play music by JS Bach. Thanks to you and Upbeat Times we had a successful 5th Annual event.

I so appreciate the support! THANK YOU!

Joella Olsen of Bach Jam

7:30 PM (and it’s free)

Want to play? Or sit back and listen?

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