August 4, 2019

UPBEAT’s SUMMER Entertainment Guide #3 Announcing the

Be Sure not to Miss the Lake County Historical Society Fiddler's Jam!

Transcendence Arts and Values

Education Fund

Laughing Matter ...continued from page 2

Health IS a

Sonoma, CA. ~ In our contin- uing effort to foster commu- nity engagement opportunities and access to arts education, Transcendence Theatre Com- pany has established


“Transcendence Arts and Val- ues Education Fund.”

Lake County, CA. ~ FREE FUN? For a joyful, foot-tap- ping experience,

zip up to

Lake County to enjoy Real FUN, no cost. Really! Mu- sic lovers, save the first Sunday each month. Lake County

Historical Society

and Fiddler's Jam. Open to public. Don Coffin [husband of the late Kate Wolf] heads the Fiddler's Jam. Usually five violins, 5 gui- tars, bass, concertina. nyck- elharpa [!], mandolin, banjo and washboard--all delight- fully well-played by volun- teers, including symphony members.

Featuring old time folk songs; cajun; Irish, Celtic & much more.


Free cookies, coffee, tea, Beer, local wines,

hamburgers or hot dogs for low price. Museum opens 11-3 p.m. Fiddler's, from noon to 2 p.m. Rain or shine. Donations welcome.

~ Info:

Lake County Historical Soci- ety, 9921 Soda Bay Rd. Kel- seyville CA 95451~ www. dlers-jam-at-the-ely-stage- stop/2019-08-04/

Aided by donations, the fund will support and sus- tain several of Transcendence Theatre Company’s outreach programs providing equitable access to arts education for youth and inclusiveness in Sonoma County and the North Bay region. “It’s our mission to design and provide education engage- ment opportunities so young people can transcend their circumstances

and create a

more inclusive and empathetic culture. With our new educa- tion fund, we will be able to responsibly provide sustain- able arts programming for all youth of Sonoma County and beyond,” said Nikko Kimzin, Transcendence Theatre Com- pany’s Director of Education and Community Outreach. “We’re inviting everyone to join us in this effort.” For More information con-

tact Transcendence Theatre Com- pany. 19201 Sonoma High- way #214, Sonoma, CA 95476 Transcendence Arts & Values Education Fund DBA is a sub- sidiary of Transcendence The- atre Company and is a 501c3 Non-Profit. Phone: (877) 424- 1414. Ext 4

– in his case, it rendered him immobile and unable to move his jaw. Among other medica- tions, his doctor prescribed 38 aspirins daily. Fearing internal bleeding, he made the decision to stop the medicines and only take high dosages of Vitamin C for his compromised adre- nal glands. To combat his in- creasing and unbearable pain, he self-prescribed laughter. Cousins would watch Marx Brothers films, old episodes of Candid Camera TV shows, read humor anthologies, etc. several times a day. He doc- umented that ten minutes of belly laughs afforded him 2 hours of pain free sleep. Laughter makes you more re- silient and better able to cope when things don’t go your way. “Lightening up” can ac- tually lengthen your life span. The Japanese have an 800- year old custom called Wa- raiko – based on an ancient ritual of gratitude dedicating laughter to the gods. There are festivals in several shrines throughout Japan where 3,000 people gather each year led by Shinto priests, all laugh- ing together for twenty min- utes straight as blessings for people’s happiness. Why is it children laugh an average of 400 times daily while adults laugh a meager 17 times a day? It’s time to take laughter more seriously. Find an easy formula that works for you. Surely you can fit in a few guffaws in your daily routine. Here’s a suggested starter list: Create opportunities to laugh. Discover what tickles your funny bone the most. Indulge yourself each day in watching a fave sitcom, YouTube clips, bloopers, listening to comical radio shows/podcasts, etc. Seek out funny people. Laugh at yourself – instead of “being embarrassed.” Post remind- ers to yourself to “lighten up”

...continued on page 25 I don't think there should be a hierarchy of what is valid in the arts. ~ Seth Numrich

Upbeat's Quote of The Month

Most comedy is based on getting a laugh at somebody else's expense. And I find that that's just a form of

bullying in a major way. So I want to be

an example that you can be funny and be kind, and make people laugh

without hurting somebody else's feelings. Ellen DeGeneres

527-7277 - open Mon-Sat 9-5

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