UPBEAT’s SUMMER Entertainment Guide #3


Oakland, CA. ~ Idiot String (Founding Producers Joan Howard and Rebecca Long- worth) is proud to announce the Samuel Peaches Peripa- tetic Players’ 2019 Bay Area Parks tour. This summer’s show, created and performed by the five-member travelling troupe, is a parody of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring entitled A Lord Of A Ring In A Suitcase, and will play six performances in public parks on Saturdays and Sundays, August 17 - 25, 2019. Performances are free of charge, though donations are accepted. “This summer, Samuel Peaches and his gang are packing their entire pro- duction into several suitcases,” explains Joan Howard, Idiot String’s co-founder, who also plays Thumper of the Peripa- tetic Players. Past tours have featured Fluxwagon, the Play- ers’ folding mobile stage, but this year all the props, cos- tumes, and scenic elements will come out of the suitcases -- as the parody’s title implies. Joan says, “we figured that since the Hobbits and their companions had to carry all their possessions during their epic journey to destroy the

One Ring, we should do the same for our show.” This year will mark the

Peripatetic Players’ sixth per- formance tour to Bay Area Parks. Past productions have included Shiver We Tim- bers (2018), a pirate-themed choose-your-own adventure; O Best Beloved (2014), an ad- aptation of Rudyard Kipling short stories; and Shakespeare or Space Wars (2016-2017), a mash-up of Romeo and Juliet with Star Wars: A New Hope. Each show features a recurring cast of eccentric thespians, the Players, who take on various roles in the production, and whose backstage antics are as much a part of the show as the story itself. Especially since they don’t always agree on how to put on the show. “Samuel Peaches is the creative force behind each play and the impresario of the troupe,” says Rebecca Longworth, Id- iot String’s co-founder and the director of the show. “But he can’t really control the strong personalities of the other Play- ers. They have their own ideas, and sometimes those come into conflict with Samuel’s artistic vision. But somehow, they always make it to the end

People will travel anywhere for good food - it's crazy! ~ Rene Redzepi

of the show together -- in un- der an hour!” Traditionally, the audience also factors in Peripatetic Play-

ers productions, and A Lord Of A Ring In A Suitcase will be no different. “Mr. Peaches’ grandiose staging ideas are sometimes difficult to pull off with just five actors,” says Re- becca. “In past productions, the audience have been cast as a pirate army, alien ball guests, rebel pilots, and flocks of sheep. Samuel loves giving them acting tips along the- way.” The Players often find other reasons to interact with the audience during the show, and enjoy chatting with audi- ence members both before No tickets or reservations are nec- essary. For more information, visit www.peripateticplayers. org. and after the perfor- mance. CONTACT: Jonathan White / 530-219-9797 or

B & W ~Yosemite, by PAD

Redwood Cafe is Winner of the NorBay Music Award for Best Venue!

Thurs Aug 1 - Kevin Russell & Some Dangerous Friends

Fri Aug 2 - Marin All Stars Sat Aug 3 - Ron Thompson Sun Aug 4 - Gypsy Kisses* (4pm) Mon Aug 5 - Pro Jam with Willy Jordan Tues Aug 6 - Rock Overtime Student Performance*

Wed Aug 7 - West Coast Songwriters* Thurs Aug 8 - Lee Tafari & David Polo Fri Aug 9 - Sean Parnell and the South County Band

Sat Aug 10 - Howard Wales Sun Aug 11 - Celtic & Irish Jam Sessions* Mon Aug 12 - The Blues Defenders Pro Jam* Tues Aug 13 - Art Reception w/ music by French Oak Gypsy Band*

Thurs Aug 15 - The Blasters Fri Aug 16 - Accordion Scholarship Fundraiser Sat Aug 17 - Dream Farmers annual Leo Party Sun Aug 18 - Gold Coast Jazz Band* Mon Aug 19 - Pro Jam w/ Special Guest Tues Aug 20 - Trivia Night* Wed Aug 21 - Gailene’s Students Showcase* Thurs Aug 22 - FeatPrints Fri Aug 23 - La Agencia Sat Aug 24 - Bollywood Nights Sun Aug 25 - Old Time Fiddle & Irish Jam Sessions*

Mon Aug 26 - The Blues Defenders Pro Jam* Tues Aug 27 - Michael Gillotti & The Peacemakers

Thurs Aug 29 - Buck Nickels and Loose Change Fri Aug 30 - Vicki Guillory & the Sugar Cats

Sat Aug 31 - Dylan Black Project *Shows with an asterisk are Free!

Live Entertainment Nightly, check our full schedule on website.

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