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Age UK Northamptonshire has praised a volunteer who has supported the charity for 37 years. Doris Moss, 96, started

volunteering for the organisation in 1982 and is still very active, mentally and physically. Every Wednesday she volunteers

at the Venton Centre in Northampton which is the charity’s busiest day centre. Doris’ day starts at 8.30am when

she prepares the centre lounge for the clients’ arrival by arranging sugar bowls and plates of biscuits on the tables, helping to serve teas and lunches. Age UK Northamptonshire

volunteer co-ordinator Jo Gunnett said: “The day centre where Doris volunteers supports elderly and frail clients, and those with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other mental health needs. As it is our main centre, it deploys volunteers from schools, the local college and university, as well as offering temporary placements to Prince’s Trust clients, micro-volunteering for local businesses and those on unemployment placements.

“Doris is an inspirational

character because of her strength and perseverance. She is strong evidence that active participation in the community maintains positive mental, cognitive and physical well- being, greatly reducing her dependence on health and social care services. Doris’s cheerful disposition shows that surrounding

yourself with social activities and remaining active, helps overcome adversity. “As an organisation, we have

been incredibly lucky to have Doris volunteer with us for 37 years. The fact she has retained her position for so long is testament to the level of benefit Doris gets from volunteering.”


Customer service came with an added bonus, when forklift training provider, Pegasus Lift Truck Training, arrived at a client’s site with a special guest. Dawn Girardi, co-owner of Pegasus, alongside husband

Giuseppe, said: “We knew a little gesture from us would mean a lot to our customer so we planned for Karl, our instructor, to arrive on site with his stepson, Northampton Saints joint captain Alex Waller, much to the delight of our clients who are proud Saints supporters. “Time is extremely limited for busy personnel in

every company yet valued two-way business partnerships mean so much more when you can put faces to names and in a world where so much can be done by email, it's important to build relationships.” Pegasus offers a comprehensive range of training

courses in every aspect of materials handling equipment. With over 25 years of hands on experience in all areas of forklifts, training is carried out by a team of highly qualified instructors and courses are mainly delivered on clients' own premises to allow tailoring to specific job loads.

Cuppa cheer: Doris Moss


JUST A SURVEY A new stakeholder engagement consultancy has taken the concept of social platforms and transformed it into a professional tool to gather essential business insights surrounding customer perceptions. Gobby was launched in

April by Gary Beckwith who is a quality professional with over 25 years’ experience in service design and delivery. The new firm works closely

with businesses to help them identify their stakeholders and ask them the right questions for the benefit of their organisations. Gary said: “Online surveys

and questionnaires haven’t moved on very much in two decades. Respondents are increasingly jaded by poorly designed surveys that don’t ask the right questions and offer response options that don’t fit what they want to say. “Gobby is a new and unique

service to the market. We help organisations to recognise who their stakeholders are and to understand what their key business processes are so they can ensure quality outputs and profitability. “Our online engagement

platform asks open questions to internal stakeholders, complying with GDPR, and allows them to answer freely. “Respondents can see what

their peers have answered and can vote for these answers, making them their own. This validation process converts qualitative data (written word) in to quantitative data (measurable ‘counts’) that can be quickly analysed and reported on. Management reports generated from these engagements include visual charts, quality analysis and recommendations for improvement.”

From left: Karl Hinde, Alex Waller, Dawn Girardi and Giuseppe Girardi

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