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Massage & Energy Healing Tierney McCarver, LMT,

Pranic Healing Facilitator, PSYCH-K® Facilitator W

hile providing another peaceful massage in a vacation paradise to a tourist that I would likely never see again, a powerful realization hit me. This realization was that, as

a healer, I could affect so much more in the lives of others. That be- gan the journey of expanding my awareness and knowledge of the mind and body. Through Medical Massage Therapy, Structural Relief Therapy, Positional Release Therapy, Pranic Healing, and PSYCH- K®, a combination of powerful transformations emerged. As a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I am able to help clients change subconcious limiting beliefs surrounding their health or personal life that may be keeping them from fully healing. As a Pranic Healing Facilitator, I am able to remove this old energy caused by the limiting beliefs, and then further increase rapid healing with hands on therapeutic massage techniques. Each session is different and completely based on a person’s individual needs. Every body is unique in the ways it chooses to heal. Through 11 years experience in this fi eld, I am reminded on a daily basis that I am only the conduit through which this healing takes place. Inspiration and enthusiasm continue to fl ood me on this path of supporting the health and healing of others. Witnessing the evolution of changes in each client has further bol- stered my passion for the work that I do. There is no greater reward then to see someone free of debilitating pain and dysfunction.

If you are interested in discovering how Pranic Healing

can help you please come join me for a free monthly Meditation on Twin Hearts and Pranic Healing demonstration. We will be blessing the earth with loving-kindness while also promoting self- healing through this meditation. I will be offering Pranic Healing following the meditation for those interested. No experience in meditation or Pranic Healing is necessary. This is a great opportu- nity to expand and heighten your awareness.

My offi ce is located at Visibility 1041 Washington Ave, Portland, Maine 04103. By appointment only. Please call, text or email to schedule an appointment. Tierney McCarver 928.848.7471 or email Website www.embodiment- Monthly Meditation on Twin Hearts will also be held at Visibility. Please RSVP to this free event at The next one will be held Thursday May 23, 2019 6-7pm. See ad on page 11.

6 ELM™ Maine - May/June 2019

ver 30 years ago, Gary Young the pioneer of essential oils started off

on a mission. Now, there are mil- lions around the globe who have discovered the power of these beautiful plant based oils. Young Living has a standard for creating a non-negotiable benchmark and delivering a pristine product that represents the pillars of sourcing, science and standards. The prod-

ucts are uncompromised and this approach is unique and sets them apart by their authenticity. They are with the plant from the moment it is planted in the ground to the fi nal bottling process. Young Living has superior standards in agricultural practices, harvesting, testing, extraction, distillation, testing, trace-ability, storage and bottling.

Here are my favorites for hormonal support:

Progessence Plus™: Is a serum that supports hormone health and a beautiful complexion. It features fractionated coconut oil, Vitamin E and the essential oils bergamot, peppermint, frankin- cense and wild yam extract. It contains an edible wild yam extract from Mexico that has sapiens that are similar to naturally occur- ring progesterone. Best to be used by women during menopause, after recently giving birth or during the menstrual cycle. You can apply to skin – suggested area would be the forearm 1-2 drops.

Clary Sage™: It is in the herbaceous scent group so it is not

a strong fl oral note. Herbaceous oils blend well with citrus or woodsy oils (cedarwood & fennel) that are root based. Good for the root chakra at the base of spine or on the bottoms of your feet to bring energy to the center. Also good for the heart chakra at the center of the chest to gather unconditional love.

Cypress: Conical shaped evergreen tree with slender and

tender branches, it is ever-living and grown all over the world. Cypress has a connection with life and death. The Tibetan monks used it to purify the environment. The aroma is medium and woodsy and blends well with fl orals such as lavender. The twigs and leaves are used during the distillation process so it has an uplifting energy. It helps bring alignment to the body so if you are feeling ungrounded and un-balanced you can use on the root chakra at the base of your spine.

Submitted by Marna Ringel, distributor for Young Living Essential Oils since June 2017. www.theessentialfl marna@theessentialfl 347.599.6133. You can discover more about this at See ad on page 17.

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