You are unique, which means a nutrition program focused on you, your goals, your life, your habits and your happiness will give you the best results.

Stephanie Walsh, MNT, CEPC, CPT Master Nutrition Therapist

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition Certified Eating Psychology Coach Certified Personal Trainer

260 Western Ave., Suite 204, South Portland, ME 04106 ® I can help you:

• Uncover Hidden Food Allergies/Sensitivities • Take Control of Emotional Eating • Enhance Digestive Health • Detox for Long Term Health • Learn Healthy Meal Planning • Lose and Maintain Weight

Contact me to achieve your health goals through Holistic Nutrition Consulting. Call 207.730.2208

Senior patients may have tried compression stockings years ago, before newer designs and donning devices were available. They may not know that there are now compres- sion stockings on the market that are much more tolerable. There are even groups that send people to a patient’s home to assist with putting stockings on.

Although seniors have a 50% greater

chance of suffering from vein disease, they have the same success with modern treatment options as anyone else. Modern techniques, such as endovenous ablation or ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, are the most effective solutions for the major- ity of vein problems. They are minimally invasive, highly successful, and are not reserved for the young.

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Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen is the founder of the Vein Health- care Center in South Port- land, Maine. Certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine,

she cares for all levels of venous disease, including spider veins, varicose veins and venous ulcers. She is the only vein special- ist in Maine to be named a Fellow by the American College of Phlebology. You can contact Dr. Asbjornsen at 207.221.7799 or

Dr. Aieta & Dr. Hayden Help You Break Through Fat Loss Blocks Who This Ebook is For:

• People who have fought fad diets, only to be disappointed

• People who want to learn about holistic medicine and tips for permanent weight loss

• People who are ready to take control of their bodies and finally feel good

This Ebook helps you: • Decipher the culprits that are blocking your progress so you can reach the balance YOUR body needs to drop fat, raise energy levels, and handle stress

• Put the power of your mind behind your success

Authors Dr. Frank Aieta, ND & Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD

Text: WEIGHTLOSSPUZZLE to 44222 and receive our favorite low-carb recipes and meal planner

• Piece your own puzzle together without expensive doctor visits that insurance doesn’t cover

• Pull all aspects of YOU into your view so you can understand and alter behaviors that are keeping you in a cyclical pattern of weight loss and gain

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