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dreams? What if you realized that every broken agreement or commitment, every unresolved fi ght or discussion, and every lie that you told was blocking your ability to create and live your ideal life. It’s true and it’s all about integrity.


Integrity is our ability to live in accordance with our own values, promises and commitments. Remove incompletions, keep your agreements, speak your truth and if you make a mistake, clean it up. Until you do this, you will have a hard time manifesting what you want because you will be sending the universe a message that you don’t trust yourself.

Not only do we need to keep the agreements we make with others, more

importantly, we need to keep the agreements we make with ourselves. Are you true to yourself? Do you make commitments to yourself and then break them to please others? How many times have you made a commitment to lose weight, exercise, eat healthier and then failed to do so? How many times have you given up sacred time meant for yourself because someone else needed you to do something? Once you realize the impact these actions have on your ability to manifest your hopes and dreams, you will begin to take broken commitments very seriously.

My work with a transformational coach over the last six months inspired me to write this publisher’s letter. I’ve been amazed at the results I’ve achieved in my personal and professional life simply by cleaning up my past and being in integrity. I’m realizing more and more every day that where I am in my life is a result of being accountable to myself and others and calling myself out when I'm not. Some of the huge wins: my relationship with my mom (pictured with me above!) is closer when I let her love me in her own way; my relationship with my signifi cant other is amazing when I admit that the fi ght we’re having is about me having to be right and making him wrong; my business starts growing exponential- ly when I take the time to work closely with my staff instead of avoiding confl icts and making excuses about being too busy.

Were any of these situations easy? Are you kidding me?? They were scary and uncomfortable. No one said the work was easy, but I’m learning to move into the fear and pain and when I come out on the other side, I’m fi nding that my relationships are deeper, stronger and much more fulfi lling. It takes tremendous courage to speak the truth, to be accountable, to ask for forgiveness and to make new commitments. Life will bring you many opportunities to deepen this practice or stay safe. Which will you choose?

In Health and Happiness,

A big welcome this month to our new Holistic Business Advisor, Newton Dubs! Newton brings many years of experience and education

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hat would you do if you discovered that every incompletion in your life was holding you back from manifesting your

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