Eileen Fisher’s Women Together: Life-Changing Experiences

By Frances Wall Higgins

ileen Fisher, the clothing designer, is sharing something meaningful for the good of all women; a space for them to connect with each other either online or at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab in Irvington, New York. She calls it Women Together. Women Together is designed to help women listen, share and connect with one another so that they can ignite true change in themselves and each other. It is born out of the belief that our revolution begins within and that a collective power emerges when women bond with other women.


Each event in the Women Together Series features three ele- ments: Connect, Practice and Move. Whether you join in person or online, you will have opportunities to connect with other par- ticipants, learn and try new practices that support the day’s experi- ence and spend time moving. The events always include inspiring speakers and Dr. Christiane Northrup, Latham Thomas, Gabby Bernstein, and Kate Johnson are all scheduled for later this spring. “As women, it’s an important time for us to show up,” says Fisher, founder and CEO of EILEEN FISHER, Inc. “The world needs us.”

Women Together also offers a monthly, 1-hour interactive live- stream experience designed to connect women with themselves and others and allow them to share stories and learn life-changing practices that they can bring into their daily lives. It’s called WOMEN TOGETHER CONNECT and is led by Antoinette Klatzky, the moderator of the Women Together series and executive direc- tor and co-creator of the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.

The Gloria Steinem “Revolution from Within” Event

Gloria Steinem arrived at the Revolution from Within event April 5th at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab dressed in her signature black sweater and pants accented with a wide black belt and hip gold clasp. The attendees immediately rose to a standing ovation when she took the stage and Gloria quickly put everyone at ease with her quick smile and the wisdom she imparted throughout her question-and-answer session with Antoinette.

30 ELM™ Maine - May/June 2019


Antoinette asked Gloria about why it is so vital that women come together right now to speak about their goals and dreams. “We are communal animals as human beings. We can’t function all by ourselves. We need lots of different ages at the organizing table. The young see how bad it is, they are mad, and we need that anger,” said Steinem. “When we are not fully participating as part of the culture, then we become the audience, not the speaker. We need to be together,” she explained. “We don’t generate oxytocin unless we are together with all five senses, so nothing is more crucial than what you are doing today.”

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