We tend to put the blame of issues or problems in our life or circumstances on people. I see this over and over in working with individuals regarding their clutter or disorganization. So many times I hear, “this is my husband or wife’s fault,” or “these children of mine.” Yet when we start going through the clutter it truly doesn’t have anything to do with the individual they are blaming.

The root cause is that simple and

basic. Once you take ownership of the root cause of your clutter, healing can begin. Once you take ownership of the situation you have gotten yourself into, you will feel empowered to make changes. You may not know how to begin or even how to create organizational systems and that’s ok. The decision that you are responsible for the clutter and disorganization that you live with will give you the peace and power to move forward and find someone that can help you make these changes. Take ownership. Don’t continue to blame others for your circumstance. Feel empowered to begin a journey of peaceful living in your life and in your space.

Did a light bulb just go off for you? Do

you now feel a sense of freedom that you can now move forward with change? Reach out to me at or 860- 874-8515 and let’s have a chat on phone over a cup a tea…that’s my gift to you!

Regina Sanchez is a Certified Health, Wellness & Organiza- tional Coach who has been coaching clients since 2013. She works as a peace maker, chaos eliminator and life giver.

As a Health, Wellness and Organizational Coach, Regina helps people transform their health, and their living space into some- thing that will enhance their life and their purpose. See ad on page 24.


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