Antoinette asked, “Was there an ah-ha moment where you were inspired to write Revolution from Within?” Gloria laughed and said, “We write what we need to read. We need to learn to treat ourselves as well as we treat others. If we walk past a mirror and criticize our bodies, a girl is watching. We need to walk in and look in the mirror and say, ‘I look fan-fu**ing-tastic!’” That became the day’s mantra. When asked how we all can break free of that, she gave this thought-provoking advice, “Imagine your 10-year-old self watching you. Before you were 10, you were prob- ably climbing trees saying, ‘I know what I want, and I know what I think.’ That is still in you.”

Gloria pointed out that we live in a society that tells us our rank in a hierarchical line and we need to understand that we are better off linked in a circle. “We don’t learn from sameness, we learn from our differences.” Steinem said. “If we seek out different people every day, we are likely to learn from them.” Antoinette finished by asking, “How do we have courage?” Gloria wisely answered, “We get it from each other. It’s our community that holds us account- able. We can all contribute something unique. Each of us is a unique miracle combination of heredity and environ- ment that will never happen again.”

How to Sign Up: Whether you join in person or online you will have opportunities to connect with other participants, learn and try new prac- tices that support the day’s experience and spend time moving. All events are hosted by Antoinette Klatzky, execu- tive director and co-creator of the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.

Submitted by Frances Wall Higgins. Go to for the full schedule and information about how to participate in person or on- line. Check the Happenings section in Natural Nutmeg for upcoming events: Saturday, May 18th: WHEN WOMEN LEAD, with Eileen Fisher and Ivy Ross, Saturday, June 1st: OWN YOUR BODY WISDOM, with Dr. Christiane Northrup. Saturday, June 15th: THE RESILIENT PATH with Gabby Bernstein. See ad on page 2.

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Body & Soul Health Solutions Massage, Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy 74 Lunt Road, Suite 206, Falmouth 207.781.5100 •

Embodiment Therapeutic Massage & Energy Healing Tierney McCarver, LMT Structural Relief Therapy, Positional Release Therapy, Medical Massage, Pranic Healing, PSYCH-K® Facilitator Office inside Visibility 1041 Washington Ave, Portland, Maine 04103 928.848.7471 • See article on page 6 and ad on page 11.

Flourish-Arts as Sacred Healing, LLC Art Gallery, Artisan Shop, Art & Healing Workshops, Reiki, Reflexology, Music, Performance, Psychic Readings/Gallery Events 140 Main St., Ste 105, Biddeford 508.728.4984 • See ad on page 9.

Infuse Health Clinic Dr. Kimberly Zurich, ND, Lac Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine 142 High Street, Suite 627, Portland 207.210.2388 • See article on page 10 and ad on page 16.

Inner Image Health Screening Clinical Thermography & NES Health Services Ingrid Levasseur 5 Fundy Road, Suite 10C, Falmouth 207.781.6060 • See article on page 26 and ads on page 3, 8, & 23.

Karen St. Clair Certified EFT Practitioner & Usui Reiki II Holy Fire Master Teacher, Portland • 207.878.8315 • See article on page 14 and ad on page 13 & 29.

Sacred New Beginnings Nancy Bariluk-Smith, ThetaHealing 207.502.7118 •

Sarah Buck, ND

Naturopathic Medicine 224 E. Main St., Yarmouth 207.200.6597 • See article on page 16 and ad on page 29.


Kennebunk Center for Dentistry 2 Livewell Dr., Suite 105, Kennebunk 207.985.7944 • See ad on page 11 & 29.

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CBD Products & Herbal Medicine Raymond, ME • 617.699.3963 See ad on page 9.

Northeast Laboratory Services Air, Water & Environmental Testing 120 Main St., Westbrook

866.591.7120 • See ad on page 15 & 27.

Lyme Disease

Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education (MLDSE) Paula Jackson Jones, President & Co-Founder 4 Mills Rd (#120), Newcastle

207.446.6447 • See article on page 12 and ad on page 3.


The Holistic Health Approach, Stephanie Walsh Nutrition, Fitness & Eating Psychology Coach 260 Western Ave., South Portland 207.730.2208 • See article on page 22 and ad on page 20.

Nicolaus Bloom, Certified Integrative Health Coach Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach PO Box 211, Portland

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Addiction & Behavior Health Treatment 71 US Route 1, Scarborough 877.978.1667 • See ad on back cover.

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