7 Healthy Reasons To Eat More Garlic Every Day

is no denying that this bulb provides a wealth of healthy benefits. Green Med Info's database documents the effectiveness of


garlic in 183 disease conditions ranging from cancer to stroke, infection to atherosclerosis, diabetes to lead toxicity. The database also provides evidence of garlic's 57 pharmacological effects in the body.

Here are just seven evidenced-based reasons to eat more garlic every day.

1. Garlic Cuts Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke by 50% Garlic reduces a multitude of risk factors that may lead to

heart attack or stroke. It's been shown to affect arteriosclerosis, triglycerides, blood pressure, platelet aggregation, and plasma viscosity. Penn State researchers noted that studies link garlic use with a 38% decreased risk of heart problems in general. And in a prospective four-year clinical trial in Germany, re-

searchers found that because garlic has so many effects on the body, it resulted in a reduction of relative cardiovascular risk for infarction (heart attack) and stroke by more than 50%.

2. Garlic Slows Atherosclerosis Studies show garlic inhibits the formation of arteriosclerotic plaque. In fact, research on features 14 stud- ies on how garlic fights arteriosclerosis, calcification of the arter- ies, and arterial plaque. At UCLA researchers conducted a placebo-controlled,

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arlic (Allium sativum) has been called the "stinking rose." While some people think it reeks, others can't get enough of its bite. Whether you love garlic or can't stand it, there

double-blind, randomized trial of 65 people at risk for heart dis- ease. Every day they gave the subjects a placebo capsule or a capsule containing aged garlic extract (250 mg) plus Vitamin B12 (100 micrograms), folic acid (300 micrograms), Vitamin B6 (12.5 mg), and the amino acid l-arginine (100 mg). They measured the amount of calcification in the coronary artery at the beginning of the trial and at the end. After one year the progression of coronary artery calcification was significantly reduced for the group taking the garlic and other supplements. And the 4-year clinical trial in Germany cited above showed

that garlic powder taken daily reduced the volume of arterioscle- rotic plaque by up to 18%.

3. Garlic Protects the Heart from Calcification A study published in the International Journal of Cardiology

shows that aged garlic extract helps alter the ratio of brown fat to white fat surrounding the heart muscle. Brown fat is a more active form of adipose tissue and produces heat or energy. White fat is for storage and is inactive.

White fat surrounding the heart

muscle is strongly correlated with the calcification of the coronary artery. The study randomized 60 subjects to receive either a daily

placebo or a supplement containing 250 mg of aged garlic-extract, 100 micrograms of vitamin-B12, 300 micrograms of folic-acid, 12.5mg of vitamin-B6, and 100 mg of l-arginine. After one year the risks of coronary artery calcium progression

were significantly lower in the supplement group compared to the placebo group. Researchers also found an increase in the beneficial brown fat around the heart muscle. And the more brown

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