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We have a choice in our lives to make our way We don't have to settle for just another ordinary day

It's up to us to keep our souls alive so we and our children's children can thrive, thrive, thrive

So chase the sunrise, chase the days Be a shining, blinding ray of rays

Dr. Susan Sykes, DC

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JoAndra P. Proia, June 13, 2017

Not sure where inspired this one, but the science is becom- ing more and more clear that spending time outdoors DAILY is so crucial to our heath and well being. So much so that doctors in Scotland are now prescribing (officially) prescribing nature to their patients. are-literally-prescribing-nature-to-patients-shetland-gps-pilot- benefits-health-mental Come on America, WE NEED THIS TO BE THE NORM FOR

OUR DOCTORS AS WELL! As of now if you go to an Integrative Doctor you won’t be able to use your insurance, we need legisla- tion to change this!

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Driving home on my dark country road, I see it, yet another re-zoning endeavor. Sadly I realize, it can't stay dark forever.

These roads I love, shrouded in darkness, soon to be lit up. Saving the starry nights seems a cause to just give up. With every street light, house light and commercial entity.

All of this over development will surely be the end of peace and the end of a part of me.

JoAndra P. Proia, May 23, 2017 This poem was written with great sadness….it came to me Located at Harper Hill Commons

4983 Martin View Lane | Winston-Salem 336.813.5320

as I was driving down the country road to my home. Both sides of the road, the land, thousands of acres, have been bought up by major developers and they of course will more than likely develop it to the max according to their previous method of op- erating…….

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JoAndra (Jo) Proia is the Outdoor Writer for Natural Triad. She published her first guidebook, “Piedmont Lakes” in the spring of 2017 and is an ACA Certified Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor and Guide with GET:OUTDOORS WOMEN ON THE WATER, a kayak shop in Greensboro. She can be reached at jo. or LIKE her page at getoutdoorswomenonthewater. You can find her book at Get:Outdoors Paddlesports, order it online at , at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, or Wild Birds Unlimited Greensboro. You can also borrow it for free at the Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library in Greensboro.

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